10 Best Steve Jobs Quotes – Get Inspired

Steve Job Quotes on technology changing
Steve Job Quotes

There is no anybody who doesn’t know about Steve Jobs. He is the idol for so many big entrepreneurs. So in this article, we are discussing some of Steve Jobs Quotes that help to inspire today’s youth. His quotes are not just quotes but these are his real life experiences.

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List of Steve Job Quotes

If you will read the below-given quote then you will understand that a designing of the product doesn’t mean by its look and feel. But it is about how it will work and how it will help the consumer. So while you are designing a product, keep your customer in your mind.



Only an innovative entrepreneur can survive in this competitive world. If you find any error or mistake in your innovation, never quit, just admit it as soon as possible and come with improved innovation. It will help you to get more success. 


If you find any error or mistake in your innovation never quit

There is only one thing that distinguishes between a leader and a follower and that is Innovation. When you will have innovation, you will get your own followers. Check out the Steve Job Quotes on leader and follower.


steve jobs quotes on LEADER FOLLWER-min

Always focus on producing and delivering quality to your customer, if you want to rule in their heart. If you able to rule in their heart, you will get brand ambassadors to your product.


steve jobs quotes on quality and quantity

Many times you work hard and continuing it. But at last, you did not get expected results. And many people lose their hope at that time. But nobody knows, how far is the success. Maybe it is one step far or two step. So never lose your faith and continue your hard work with more efforts. 


steve jobs quotes on young and old

Keep in mind that today is the only day when you will have to put your all the efforts for your best work. And if you able to do that, no can stop you from getting success. 


steve jobs quotes on last day of life

“My Job is to not be easy on people. But my job is to make them better by providing them great technologies. “

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Many people are not satisfied with their work and this is the main reason behind their fail. They alway work either in the pressure or for any need. They never love their job. But according to an inspiring quote of Steve Job, there is only one way to do great work in your life, is to love what you do.


steve jobs quotes on technology changing world

If you are trying and you failed. Don’t lose your hope. At least, you tried. There are many people who quit before try. So try again and again till you did not get your desired results. And these are the inspirational words of Steve Jobs which are able to motivate anyone. 

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Steve Job Quotes on technology changing
Steve Job Quotes

According to Steve jobs Quote, you don’t need a power point to present your thoughts or ideas. But you should have a clear idea what you are talking about and what you have to present.