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The humanity has been changing for better. We are aware of the 7 Wonders of the World. What about the New World Wonders? The original 7 Ancient Wonders of the World have now been extinct unable to cope with the onslaught of natural calamities and the human psyche. An attempt was made to identify the Seven Wonders of the Modern World. The exercise began way back in 2007 and a list was prepared. Based on the voting and the importance of the monument, a final list of New 7 Wonders of the World came into being.

What are the new Seven Wonders of the World?

Here is the complete list of the New 7 Wonders of the World as per the declaration made in 2007. The list can be quite subjective, given the fact that the voting may not be representative of the entire globe.

A total of 21 finalists were chosen after a thorough exploration. Around 100 million votes were cast that culminated into the selection of the choicest 7 wonders. The entire exercise was undertaken by the New7Wonders Foundation, an organization based in Switzerland.

If you are interested in 7 Ancient Wonders of the World, you may visit this link. We have also covered the Seven Natural Wonders of the World at this link.

#1. The Great Wall of China – China

Great Wall of China is indeed the largest man made military structure in the world, and thus deserves to be among the New 7 Wonders of the World.

New Seven Wonders of the World – Great Wall of China

Comparable by any standard to the 7 Ancient Wonders of the world, it was constructed more than 2000 years ago. The wall was a means of keeping the invaders from the northern side of the border. It consists of walls and fortifications. The structure stands at a whopping 21,196 kilometers. Incidentally, it is the only structure that can be seen from the Moon!

One of the magnificent New 7 Wonders of the World, the Great Wall of China has been a World Heritage Site since 1987. A great history makes it one of the choicest spots flocked by tourists.

#2. Statue of Christ Redeemer, Brazil

The second largest statue of the Lord Christ is yet another worthy addition to the New 7 Wonders of the World. Built in 1931, the statue is all yours to behold in Rio De Janeiro in Brazil.

New Seven Wonders of the World – Christ Redeemer Statue, Brazil

The Statue of Christ, the Redeemer was designed by Heitor da Silva Costa and built with reinforced concrete-and-soapstone. One of the well-known landmarks of Brazil, the statue has been constructed at a cost of $250,000. The funds were collected through donations from 1921. The statue stands atop the Corcovado peak that looks upon from the height of 2000 feet. The second in our list of New 7 Wonders of the world, the Christ Redeemer statue is 120 feet high.

The statue is illuminated in the night, creating an illusion that the statue is floating in the sky with its arms wide open.

#3. The Taj Mahal – India

A pride for India, the Taj Mahal at Agra has made it to the list of New 7 Wonders of the World. The monument has been a symbol of love and is built by the Mughal Emperor, Shah Jahan in memory of his beloved wife, Mumtaz Mahal.

New Seven Wonders of the World – The Taj Mahal, Agra – India

The Monument that got included in the New Seven Wonders of the Modern World in 2007 was built in the 17th century. The emperor wanted to create the largest mausoleum in the world and present a perfect a perfect example of architectural symmetry. Rumour has it that all the workers involved in the construction were either killed or disabled so that they will not build a similar structure elsewhere.

The mausoleum has a central dome and the surrounding minarets constructed of white marble. It has been treated as one of the world’s most beautiful and recognizable buildings. The gardens on the raised pathways, flower beds and a reflecting pool add to the glory of this wonderful piece of architecture.

#4. Petra – Jordan

Petra was the capital of the Nabataean empire and is the home for the glorious remains of a magnificent civilization. The rock cut architecture is a sight to behold and truly deserved to be among the New 7 Wonders of the World.

New Seven Wonders of the World – Petra, Jordan

Petra, which literally means the Lost City or the Ancient City has been a land mark of Jordan. Discovered only in the Nineteenth Century, Petra is believed to be built in around 312 BC. The city has been a home for a booming trade at the time of Christ.

The most amazing among the rest of the rose colored city is the Monastery that has been constructed straight into the mountain using rock cut technique. There is also a 4,000-seat amphitheater and several other magnificent structures. The site is indeed a technological marvel with its expertise in manipulating water.

#5. The Roman Colosseum –Rome

This can be one of the intriguing icons in the history of Rome. Supposedly built between 70 to 80 AD, the structure was used to watch the public spectacles. These included battle reenactments, executions or other sports.

New Seven Wonders of the World – Roman Colosseum, Italy

The elliptically designed theater had a seating capacity of 50,000. The current status has been not an entirely a good one to see, thanks to earthquakes and stone robbers – but still, the Roman Colosseum retains its lost glory and thus has been included in the list of New Seven Wonders of the Modern World.

It is quite accessible among the other entries in the new 7 Wonders of the World and thus can be one of the easiest picks for the tourists exploring these architectural wonders of the world.

#6. Machu Picchu – Peru

A great remnant of the Inca civilization, Machu Picchu is the next in our list of New Seven Wonders of the World. It had been the royal estate and also a religious site for the Inca leaders before being invaded by the Spanish.

New Seven Wonders of the World – Machu Picchu, Peru

The site is tucked inside the Peruvian Andes forests and had been inaccessible for years. It was only in 1911 that it was discovered to the world at large and has since then been a popular tourist destination. The Peruvian addition to the New 7 Wonders of the World has indeed been a masterpiece and a true window to the architectural and agricultural expertise of the Inca civilization.

You can only reach this amazing display of the Inca culture only by foot, train or helicopters. Recently the Peruvian government has introduced the timed ticket system for the site.

#7. Chichén Itzá — Mexico

Just like the Inca civilization that leaves you spellbound in Machu Picchu, be a spectator to the Mayan heritage at Chichén Itzá — Mexico. It was the sacred city for the Mayans between 750 A.D – 1200 A.D.

New Seven wonders of the world – Chichén Itzá, Mexico

One of the worthy attractions in this last location in our list of New 7 Wonders of the World, Chichén Itzá is Temple of Kukulkan. It is also known by the name El Castillo. There are several other stepped pyramid structures spread around the area. Temple of Kukulkan has 365 steps which are indicative of the 365 days of the year. In fact, it can be an indication of the expertise that Mayans had in astronomy.

The city was abandoned in the 1400’s by the Mayans and the scientists are baffled to know why. It is assumed that the droughts, epidemics or the conquests could have been the reasons for deserting such an amazing center of architectural mastery.

The Concluding Thoughts

We are glad to present you with the list of the New 7 Wonders of the World in this concise post. Unlike the 7 Ancient Wonders of the World or the 7 Wonders of the Natural World, the New 7 Wonders of the World have not been free from controversies. It is bound to happen, as it may not be an easy task to compile just a handful of seven structures from among the versatile architectural expertise experienced across the globe. The huge 21 finalists list for the selection of the New 7 Wonders of the World in itself should be an indication of the mammoth exercise that the foundation had to undertake.

However, the list is now officially agreed upon and quite standard by almost all accounts. Please note that there isn’t any ranking for the entries we have featured above and they form a part of a global village.

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The 7 Natural Wonders of The World Mon, 24 Jul 2017 17:14:54 +0000

The 7 ancient wonders of the world have always fascinated us. They are a clear indication of the creativity and artistic knowledge of our ancestors. If the 7 wonders of the ancient world stand as a proof to the impressive creations by the human kind, the Seven Natural Wonders of the world stand as a proof of the creative side of the Mother Nature. We will list out the seven natural wonders of the world to acquaint you with them.

What are the 7 Natural Wonders of the World?

That is indeed a valid question – what are the seven natural wonders of the world? The answer to this question has been made simple by CNN and Seven Natural Wonders ( The project to identify the seven Natural Wonders of the World was initiated in 2008. A worldwide poll was conducted to identify seven wonders of the natural world.

In case you are interested in the New Seven Wonders of the World, you can check out our article on the topic.

Before we explore the list of 7 Natural Wonders of the world, we would highlight the disputed nature of the selection. However, the list has now been mutually agreed upon and have been spread across the seven continents of the world.

#1. Aurora Borealis

These are natural light spectrums that can be seen in the polar regions of the earth. The magnificent polar light is indeed a worthy addition to the list of the 7 natural wonders of the world. It is the only natural wonder of the world that can be seen in the skies.

Seven Natural Wonders of the World – Aurora Borealis

The effect of the aurora is caused because of the cosmic radiations that enter the earth’s atmosphere. This causes the appearance of vivid colors. This most awesome member of the seven natural wonders of the world is also referred to as Northern Lights.The lights keep changing constantly and are shaped by the magnetic field of the earth.

You can enjoy the view in September/October or March/April.

#2. Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls is one of the most spectacular destinations in the world. One of the great sites to visit and a great addition to 7 Natural Wonders of the World. The Zambezi river creates the world’s most awesome waterfall at the location where it crosses Zambia and enters Zimbabwe.

Seven Natural Wonders of the World – Victoria Falls

The Victoria Falls is named to be one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the world and also one of the world heritage sites recognized by UNESCO. The Victoria Falls may not be the widest, but it has been considered to be of huge expanse given its width and tallness which stand respectively at 5604 x 355 feet.

The waterfall has been named after Queen Victoria. Its local name is Mosi-oa-Tunya which the Zimbabwe government has been planning to change as such. Devils Pool is one of the great attractions at this falls.

The best time to visit this wonderful natural wonder of the world would be from October to April.

#3. Rio de Janeiro Harbour

The Rio De Janeiro Harbour has been included among the Seven Natural Wonders of the World solely because of the multiple illusions it has on offer. You can view the harbor different ways and multiple angles and will find it differently and deceptively from each angle.

Seven Natural Wonders of the World – Rio De Janeiro Harbour

Rio is the second largest city in the world. In fact, part of the city has been recognized as the World Heritage Site. It has been considered to be the Cultural Landscape. In fact, not only the harbor but the entire city of Rio is worthy of being included among the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. In addition to the harbor and its excellent viewpoints, the city has a lot of activities and places you can visit.

The best time to visit Rio is September/October and March/April.

#4. Great Barrier Reef

World’s largest coral reef – The Great Barrier Reef – is one of the great additions to the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. The reef is made of over 2900 individual reefs and spreads over a region of over 2300 kilometers. The area spreads over 344,400 square kilometers.

Seven Natural Wonders of the World – Great barrier Reef

You need to see it to believe it. The numbers above in themselves should give you a clear idea as to why the great reef has been included in the list seven Natural Wonders of the World. The Barrier Reef is situated in Queensland – Australia. The Great Barrier Reef is one of the most recognized landmarks of Australia.

All round efforts are made to preserve the delicate ecosystem for the future generations. It is also seen as an effort to safeguard one of the endangered and vulnerable species and an environment-friendly exercise.

The best time to visit the site would be from June to November.

#5. Mount Everest

Then, the fifth in our list of the seven natural wonders of the world is the pride of Asia. Mount Everest is the world’s highest peak. It is 8848 meters above the sea level and indeed stands taller than the world itself.

Seven Natural Wonders of the World – Mount Everest

The highest mountain peak is called Sagarmatha in Nepal and Chomolungma in the Tibet. The Mount Everest is growing at a few millimeters each year. The locals revere it as the home of the gods and the sages. In fact, even for India – the Himalayas and the Mount Everest are the abode of the Gods.

Several mountaineers attempt climbing the Everest, but it was not until the year 1953 that Tenzing and Edmund Hillary climbed up to the summit. However, climbing the mountain has always been a huge feat for the human race and that makes it one of the best additions to the list of Seven Natural Wonders of the World.

Best time to visit the highest peak would be April-May/June and September/October.

#6.Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is the sight you would love to behold and deserves to be in the list of Seven Natural Wonders of the World. The Canyon is formed by the erosion of the land by water, ice, and the wind.

Seven Natural Wonders of the World – Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon extends by around 400 kilometers through Colorado Plateau in the North West Arizona. The site is indeed a great addition to the list of seven Natural wonders of the world. The first round of erosion is believed to have happened 17 million years ago. The canyon gives a major insight into the geological structure of the earth.

Grand Canyon is one of the most popular tourist destinations across the globe. If you are interested in understanding the nature at its best, you should definitely visit this place that supplements other entries in the seven natural wonders of the world.

You can visit the place all around the year.

#7. Paricutin

Last, but not the least in the list of Seven Natural Wonders of the World, Paricutin is one of the less popular additions to the list. It is a perfect cinder cone volcano and is located at Michoacán, Mexico.

Seven Natural Wonders of the World – Paricutin Volcano

The volcano stands at 410 meters above the ground. The volcano kept erupting for 9 years continuously. It went off in the year 1952 and has not resurfaced again. The Paricutin volcano is said to have harmed around 232 square kilometers of the land with mama and stones.

The region is still active volcanically, but the volcano itself has gone silent. The place has become a vacation spot. You can practically climb up to the volcano and walk through the mama filled remnants. However, it would be interesting to note that the volcano when active emptied two cities which had to be relocated.

Best time to visit this awesome entry for the Seven Natural Wonders of the World would be from October to April.

The Concluding Thoughts

That would conclude our listing of 7 wonders of the natural world. We assume that we have included all the details about the Natural Wonders of the World. The sites above should give you a clear idea of how nature can be a perfect designer and artist at the same time. It should be quite evident with the awesome creativity that mother Nature showers on us in the form of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.

Have you been to any of these seven natural wonders of the world? If you have, please do share your experiences with the sites you have visited. Do you think they are worthy of being in the list of Seven Natural Wonders of the World? Even if you have not visited any of these sites, you can share the tidbits you may be aware of.

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The 7 Ancient Wonders of The World – With Pictures Sun, 23 Jul 2017 08:24:24 +0000

The Seven Wonders of the ancient world are a testimony to the knowledge of art and architecture of our ancestors. Most of them except the one has ceased to exist now and are visible only in history books. The Must See 7 Wonders of the world have been an inspiration for the generations over several centuries. What are the seven ancient wonders of the world? We will list out 7 Wonders of the Ancient World in the following paragraphs.

Seven Ancient Wonders Of The  World – An Inspiring List

Though most of the original 7 wonders of the ancient world have gone non-existent, they continue to inspire the generations after generations. They have been symbolic of the skills and creativity of our ancestors.

The Great Pyramids at Giza (Egypt)

The Pyramid is believed to be built between 2584 & 2561 BC. Incidentally, it is the only structure among the seven wonders of the ancient world that has continued to exist throughout the centuries.

Seven Wonders of the Ancient world – Giza Pyramids

The structure includes three pyramids known as Khufu (Cheops), Khafra (Chephren) and Menkaura (Mycerimus). Of them, Khufu has been considered to be the tallest man made structures in the world. The perfect symmetry without the use of modern tools is indeed what deserves a deeper study and analysis.

The pyramids are believed to contain treasures, however, nothing of the sort exists now. It is estimated that the treasure was looted within the first 200 years of the construction. Worthy of being in the 7 wonders of the ancient world.

Hanging Gardens Of Babylon

The Hanging gardens of Babylon are believed to be built around the 600 BC. The worthy addition to the seven wonders of the ancient world, the gardens are attributed to Babylonian king Nebuchadrezzar II.

Seven Wonders of the Ancient World – Hanging Gardens of Babylon

The ancient records indicate the presence of the gardens near Euphrates river. The gardens are said to be 75 feet above the ground level and consisted of self-watering plants. The emperor built this garden to please his wife who had homesickness about her home. However, scientists believe it to be a fictional tale.

There is no mention in the Babylonian cuneiform scripts. The concept of self-watering plants is again something one may not be able to believe.

Zeus Statue at Olympia

The Statue has been attributed to the Greek sculptor Phidias. The statue has been dated to be existing in around 5th century BC.

Seven Wonders of Ancient World – Statue of Zeus

The Zeus Statue was believed to be placed in the temple of the God Zeus at Olympia. The God was placed bare chested on a wooden throne. The statue was decorated with gold and ivory in abundance. The head of the statue was believed to be touching the roof of the temple at around 40 feet.

After being at Olympia for over 8 centuries, the statue was shifted to Constantinople and was destroyed in a fire ( some believe it was an earthquake) in around 462 BC. It is indeed a sad loss to the world to be missing this excellent piece of art among the 7 ancient wonders of the world.

Temple of Artemis at Ephesus

The temple of Artemis is believed to be destroyed and rebuilt several times. And yes, the site remained the same over the years.

Seven Wonders of the Ancient World – Temple of Artemis at Ephesus

The initial temple was stated to be built around 550 to 350 BC. Designed by architect Chersiphron, the temple was worked on by world’s renowned artists. The temple is believed to burnt by fire in 356 BC, on the same day Alexander the Great was born according to legends. The temple was rebuilt six years later. It was again destroyed in 262 AD by Ostrogoths.

The temple was believed to be built again and finally destroyed in 401 AD. Another sad loss to the world as they stood to lose a great structure that truly deserves to be in the list of 7 ancient wonders of the world.

Mausoleum of Halicarnassus

The Mausoleum was built by Artemisia for her husband, Mausolus who was the king of Carnia. The structure was built in 353 BC.

Seven Wonders of the Ancient World – Mausoleum of Halicarnassus

The mausoleum was built with white marbles in its entirety. It has been recorded that the structure was around 135 feet high. From the architectural point of view, the structure is a combination of Lycian, Greek and Egyptian styles of construction.

A massive earthquake destroyed the Mausoleum in the 13th century. Its remnants were later used for fortification of a castle. Some relics were dug out in 1846 by archeological teams. The relics now are at display at the British Museum in London as the only indications of this awesome structure from among the 7 Ancient Wonders of the world.

Colossus of Rhodes

The Colossus is the huge structure built for the Sun God, Helios. The statue is built in the third century.

Seven Wonders of the Ancient World – Colossus of Rhodes

The design of the Colossus is attributed to the sculptor Chares. The statue stand at a height of 100 feet. In fact, it was considered to be the tallest statue in the ancient world. The Colossus is said to be completed in 280 BC and stood the test of time for over 60 years.

The statue was destroyed by an earthquake at around 220 BC. Sadly enough, there were no attempts made to rebuild this great piece, one of the huge among the 7 wonders of the ancient world. It is believed that Arabs who invaded Rhodes and sold the remnants of the great structure as a scrap metal. Incidentally, the statue of Helios was made of bronze and depicted the Sun God standing naked with a torch in one hand and a spear in the other.

Lighthouse of Alexandria

The lighthouse was built on a small island called Pharos. The structure is attributed to the architect Sostratos. The structure was built in 270 BC.

Seven Wonders of the Ancient World – Lighthouse of Alexandria

The lighthouse was meant as a guide for the ships in the Nile river. Though no remnants exist as of now, there are pieces of evidence as the icons on ancient coins. The structure is believed to have three layers. It could be a square level at the bottom, a hexagonal middle layer, and a cylindrical top. On that was a 16-foot statue. The total length of the structure is believed to be around 200 to 600 feet.

However, a series of earthquakes destroyed this great piece of art that was rightly included among the seven wonders of the ancient world. A few remnants have been discovered from the Nile river. Incidentally, the structure has inspired the modern day Statue of Liberty at New York.

In Conclusion

The list of the 7 Ancient wonders of the world indeed makes a great reading. In fact, these constitute original 7 wonders of the world. Sadly enough, we would not be able to visit any of those wonderful creations. However, these give us a clear idea that human psyche had a such a great mind back then. The level of art and creativity at that time back in history should indeed be a great lesson for the technocrats of today’s modern world.

You can also check our complete list of New 7 Wonders of the World or the 7 Natural Wonders of the World.


]]> 2 Nucleic acid extraction – technology and applications Fri, 21 Jul 2017 06:10:14 +0000 Growing technology has been aiding every walk of our life. How can the medicine field be left off? In fact, usage of technology in the medical sciences is of much importance because it helps us in bettering the life expectancy and getting rid of a few life threatening health conditions.  DNA Extraction or Nucleic Acid Extraction is one such area that has witnessed enormous growth in terms of technological advancement.

What is Nucleic Acid Extraction?

Well, the terms being used here in this article may not be understood because of the technical jargon involved. However, we would attempt to keep the explanation as simple as possible.

Nucleic Acid Extraction techniques are used in DNA isolation. It involves processing DNA from different sources. There are several methods used in isolation of DNA and these would depend upon source of the sample, age and size. There are several methods you can use to extract the DNA of its constituents. The basic principle is to separate the DNA from the from the nucleus.

Why is it important to extract DNA?

DNA plays an important role in many applications. Some of the worthy mentions would be medicine and forensic sciences. There are several fields that DNA extraction and Nucleic Acid Extraction can be useful.

One of the important aspects of Nucleic Acid Extraction would be in the Genetic Testing. It is normally used scientific, medical and forensic sciences. You can also use the technology in introducing the DNA into cells of animals and plants.

In the field of medicine, DNA extraction plays an important role in diagnostics.  In case of forensic sciences, it assumes even greater proportions. It can be used in identifying the individuals. This can be much helpful in cases of thieves, rape cases, accidents and war victims. The Nucleic Extraction can also be used in paternity identification.

How to extract Nucleic Acids?

Well, there are many kits that automate the process of Nucleic acid extraction. The procedure involves a few stages which include DNA Isolation, RNA isolation, Nucleic acid sampling and fragment clean-up. You can opt for a good Automated Nucleic acid Extraction System to aid you in an effective extraction process. Given the fact that Nucleic Acid Extraction and DNA extraction techniques are turning into a routine procedure in molecular biology and forensic sciences, it is of much importance to pay attention to the efficiency of the extraction system you have chosen for your needs. Extraction of DNA and Nucleic Acids is a complicated procedure. An automated solution for these needs can be an excellent option.

The Final Thoughts

Nucleic Acid Extraction is what has changed medical sciences and the forensics in more ways than one. The process is quite complicated the details of which are beyond the scope of this article. An automated system will ensure that no step will be missed by human error.

However, we would advise you to go for a system that helps you get a proper yield of the DNA sample in addition to improving the quality of the DNA, or Nucleic Acid extracted. Opting for a well-known and efficient extraction system would always be helpful.


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How to Buy SoundCloud Followers for a better credibility Tue, 04 Jul 2017 04:46:05 +0000 If you have created new music track, and want to reach out to a huge fan base – buying followers on renowned online music communities is the proven option to achieve it. SoundCloud has been one of the popular online music community with a reputation of its own. Shazam is another music tracking service that has evolved into an equally reputed online music community. In fact, it has become synonymous with the concept of tracking music. How to buy SoundCloud followers? What care do you need to take while at it? Those are a few questions we would be addressing in this concise article.

Why buy SoundCloud Followers?

Well, buying followers is a sure shot way to improve your visibility. It will help you kickstart the success of your journey. You will be making a beginning with a few hundred or thousands of followers rather than starting off with zero.

There are several services that help you buy soundcloud followers. However, we would advise you to exercise caution when opting for a service that claims to offer huge number of followers. Choose the one that indeed delivers what it promises.

As we said before, Shazam too can be helpful in getting your musical track reach the audience. It can also be a good idea to buy Shazam Followers.

How does it benefit you?

Well, there are obvious reasons why you would want to start with a specific fan base. It may be difficult to get people interested in your tracks if you have zero followers. Making a beginning with a few followers can definitely make a difference.

However, do note that you should only go for a service that provides you real human followers. There are several services that are completely trash. They offer you bots as followers which are nothing but computer generated followers. These cannot bring out an interaction, and thus will not be helpful in any way to boost your traffic.

Buying followers can help you kickstart your music. You can begin with a few hundred followers and thus set your music track in motion. In fact, this will add up to your social credibility. Your song will be seen to be popular and thus more people will be attracted to it.

A considerably good number of followers will indeed have the ability to make your track go viral. Though we cannot guarantee it, yet a healthy number of followers can boost your traffic and thus help you go viral.

You can even get signed up by a music label if everything goes perfect. Having more followers will make you stand out of the crowd and thus you may be spotted by a music company. However, please note that your music needs to have quality for this to happen. Huge fan base alone cannot affirm those possibilities.

And Finally…

Well, as we discussed above – you can consider buying followers on SoundCloud and Shazam and realise the dreams you have had so far. It can indeed be a great way to make you visible in the competitive market. However, do keep in mind that overdoing it can always be a risky affair.
So, stay within limits and enjoy your success!

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Energetic Healing – The Best Complementary Therapy Thu, 22 Jun 2017 06:03:32 +0000

There are several forms of complementary therapies available. Out of the different options we have at our disposal, Energetic Healing is one of the most popular healing techniques. For those who are confused about what exactly is energetic healing, it involves the rejuvenation of your out of balance innate healing power. One of the best sources in opting for Energetic Healing as a complementary therapy is Caring Energetic Healing. Brought forward by Lisa Ohtaras, it would be one of the excellent providers of this non-conventional treatment process.

Energetic Healing – What does that mean?

Well, Energetic Healing is a way to energize the innate healing power of your body. The complementary therapy forms part of the alternative medicine and helps you regain the lost balance in your body energy.

It has been believed for thousands of years that there is an energy field emanating from and around the human body. The imbalance in the energy systems in the body can result in causing diseases. An Energetic Healing Practitioner finds if there are any issues in the energy balance of the patient, and then sets out to restore the natural healing processes within your body.

Caring Energetic Healing believes that the cure remains within us and the person suffering from any disease just needs the assistance from the energetic healing practitioner to let the patient understand his/her growth opportunities.

Caring Energetic Healing – A pioneer in the field

Lisa Ohtaras is a popular Energetic healer. She has developed Caring Energetic Healing as one of the leading Complementary Therapy firm.

Energetic Healing comprises a few modalities that the practitioners use quite often. Some of the madalities that Lisa specialises include Reiki, Angelic Healing, Energy Clearing and Crystal Therapy.

Reiki Therapy – Reiki refers to an ancient concept of life force energy that can be used for reducing stress, and promote the feeling of wellbeing. The therapy needs to be administered through a Reiki Practitioner. A Reiki Practitioner, in turn, is attuned to Reiki energy by a Reiki Master. Lisa is a certified Reiki master.

Energy Clearing – Energy Clearing indicates clearing the blocked energy. It is aimed at freeing negative energy from the body. The way a person responds to energy clearing therapy depends upon his history, emotions, and experience. It also clears the ancestral influences and karmic debts.

Crystal Therapy
Crystal and gems have long been used in healing. Different crystals have different healing effects. The major fields where crystals can be helpful include restoring the energy balance and stimulating the free flow of positive energy. Crystal therapy is generally used to augment the healing effects of other treatment processes.

Angelic Healing – Angels are the messengers of the divine being. The angelic healing helps in expanding the horizons of consciousness. It can be useful in getting rid of the trauma – be it in body, mind, spirit or soul. Angelic healing can be a great source of resolving long-standing stress issues.

Pricing and Plans

Caring Energetic Healing offers sessions across all the above methodologies. They have two plans. You can opt for the one that suits your needs.
Plan 1
This will cost you $ 150 AUD. The sessions will be of 60 minutes duration. You can choose any one of the following methodologies –

  • Energetic Healing session
  • Angelic intuitive guidance session
  • Spiritual education session

Plan 2
This plan will have a duration of 90 minutes. The charges for the same would be $ 220 AUD. Choice of methodologies would be the similar to above plan.

The Concluding Thoughts

The energetic Healing has been gaining popularity in today’s stressful society. However, it should be noted that the techniques should be used only as a complementary therapy. We would not recommend opting for it as a standalone treatment. Besides, the effects of complementary therapies will differ from person to person. It depends upon the experience and the aura of a person. Combined with regular treatments, energetic healing can lend a helping hand in curing the diseases.

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Contentmart- An Outstanding Platform For Hiring Affordable Freelance Writers Fri, 09 Jun 2017 11:06:21 +0000 Contentmart

Good content can boost your business to a different level. But getting quality content for your business can be difficult as well. If you are looking for quality content writing services, you should read this article till the end. This article will guide you how to hire a professional writer and a reliable content writing company for your business.

Low-quality content can hamper the overall impact of your business. So, it is important to hire a professional writer who can create high-quality content for your marketing needs and business strategies. There are a number of content writing companies available in the marketplace, but choosing the right platform can be a hectic job for you.

As a client when I started hiring the freelance content writer for my online business, I ended up with nothing useful. Then I found Contentmart, a globally-recognized leading content writing website.

What is Contentmart?


Contentmart is one of the leading content writing websites which fulfills all the content requirements for your business. If you are in search of quality content at an affordable rate, then Contentmart is the apt platform for you. Here, you will get best writers of different expertise from all over the world. This online content marketplace is an ideal platform for a content buyer and a content creator.

The platform has more than 62,000 writers and 82,000 clients today.  The leading brands such as ‘your story’, ‘Aviva’, ‘The Economic Times’ and ‘UNICEF’ usually hire writers from Contentmart.

The Client

Are you on a lookout for a reliable content writer for translation services for your website, blog or any other business purpose? Then you are reading the exact post right now. This post will help you know all the guidelines to use Contentmart as a client.

  • At first, you have to register your account as a client on Contentmart by filling up the registration form. You can sign up using your Facebook ID as well.
  • Once you are done with sign up, click on the ‘New Order’.
  • Next, you need to give a name to your order and provide all the requirements & details related to your order in the ‘Order Details’ section.
  • You have to put the deadline, pricing language, expertise and category before you publish the job order. Also, adding funds to Contentmart wallet beforehand is mandatory.
  • Now your job proposal is all set to get published on the site. Just click the Publish button to post your order on Contentmart.
  • Your job proposal will be visible on the job order page after getting verified by the Contentmart team.
  • Freelance content writers bid on your proposal.
  • You can award your order to a suitable writer, after filtering from the bids received.

The freelance content writer will submit your project within the given deadline, you will have complete authority over your project and you can cancel, reject or get it revised if you don’t like the content.

Why should clients choose Contentmart?

The foremost reason for choosing Contentmart is that you will be able to get quality content at an affordable price. Secondly, you don’t have to pay for the extra commission to post your order. And third, as a client, you have full command over the project. You can reject or get it revised if the content doesn’t match your requirements.



How Contentmart works for writers?

It is an ideal platform for all the freelance writers of different expertise. You can register yourself as a writer then fill up your profile details, appear for English-based and industry related tests, add previous writings to your portfolio and you are all set to bid on job orders.

ContentmartWhy should writers choose Contentmart?

  • Safe and easy to use payment methods
  • Good payment for each project
  • Never-ending job opportunities

 Contentmart Affiliate Program-

The Contentment Affiliate Program offers a 10% commission to you for each transaction the referred client makes. Yes, you read it correct. You are eligible for availing this exciting offer only if you refer a client. That’s how it works!

Well, now we are heading towards the end of this post. It has covered each and every aspect about Contentmart. This Contentmart review contains all information regarding this freelance writing platform. It is the best content writing website for all the writers and clients. So, don’t waste your time in searching any conventional content writing agency for your business and join Contentmart today!

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Top 10 Camera Apps for iPhone Sun, 07 May 2017 11:55:51 +0000 The iPhone has the best camera and claims to be the best in terms of photography. The default camera app is impressive enough and packs in a huge load of goodies. The camera app is simple, reliable and easily accessible. It does come with several advanced modes and features that make it a perfect companion for photography requirements.  Even then, you may be looking for a good alternative in terms of the camera performance. Thankfully, iOS has opened up the camera interface for the third party app developers, and that has been the major reason for the growing number of third-party camera apps for iPhone. Let us examine the best top ten camera apps for iPhone.

Here we have compiled list of “10 iPhone Productivity Apps That You Should Know About

Best and Top 10 Camera Apps for iPhone and for iOS

The choice of perfect camera app will depend upon what you are looking for with respect to your requirements. We assume the list we are going to compile here will meet the needs of almost all types of iPhone users.

In fact, you can consider it to be more of a photo editor tan just a camera app.  It also excels with its great set of filters.  The camera app comes with plenty of manual controls. The filters that provide you film like editing ability is what we liked the most on VSCO.

Pronounced Visco, the app has the best in class manual controls. However, please note that you need to take care to handle the camera steady. Do remember that you are using your iPhone camera as a DSLR when you are on manual controls.

The free to download camera app is meant to be the perfect one if you are just foraying into the third party camera apps on your iPhone. Just head over to VSCO iTunes Download page to access the application.

It is one of the long-standing camera apps for iPhone. It has seen consistent improvement through updates over the years and has been quite popular with camera buffs.

If you are a professional photographer, Camera+ can be the best choice for you. It lets you focus on your object quite faster. The app comes with a good deal of manual controls for Focus, White Balance and Exposure.

Some of the features that make it a better option include a huge list of shooting modes, 6X Zoom, and Touch Focus. The application has so many features that it may not be easy to fathom all the good things at once. It would be practical to try each of the features and master it and then move on to the next option.

Get it from the official link at Camera+

Well, the name itself indicates what exactly the app is up to. If manual controls are what you are looking for, then Manual is definitely what you should opt for.

You can change the shutter speed, exposure and ISO with ease. The application has an impressive and simple user interface. You can seamlessly move to and fro between Automatic and Manual control with ease. The app lets you save your images in the RAW, or JPG format. RAW format ensures that you get high quality of images.

It should be noted that RAW images take up more space on your phone and you may need to edit the images to save your precious memory. Manual has a special focus tool. The manual focusing would be the best for good quality of your final products.

Get it from the official link at Manual Custom Exposure Camera

ProCamera has been receiving regular updates over time. The version 10 is the latest as of now. It offers you an excellent control over your camera performance.

The app features several excellent options for you. Apart from manual controls for the primary parameters, Pro Camera has other advanced features as well. Some of the worth mentioning would be a live Histogram, the Anti-Shake feature, and RAW capture.It can be helpful to use the anti-shake mode while taking images in low light.

Pro Camera is the ultimate option when it comes to a perfect camera on an iPhone. Some of the best features would be over 70 different filters and effects, burst mode, and advanced editing control. Pro Camera supports batch sharing of photographs and easy upload the images on social media sites.

Get it from the official link at ProCamera10

Inexpensive, yet the powerful third party camera app on iPhone is an excellent option for low light photography experience. It works it out by shooting multiple images and then combining them into a single shot.

It does not offer you any huge list of additional features. Rather than the shots taken using the camera, it is the power of processing that makes Cortex Camera a force to reckon with. The Cortex Camera takes multiple shots of the same shutter operation. It then lines up all the photos and removes any kind of movement of the camera. All the images are then merged together to form a single image.

Apart from the high-end quality, it offers you with the low light shots, you can also use it for long exposure shots during the day time too.

Get it from the official link at Cortex Camera

[su_heading]Here are the list of “Rumours spreading regarding iPhone 8 leaked versions“[/su_heading]

Obscura Camera is the one that helps you have better and faster adjustments. If you are someone who wants to have a complete control over the settings, this would be the best option you can go for.

In fact, Obscura Camera comes with One Click option for accessing and controlling the focus and exposure. The complete app can be handled with swipes and taps. That would mean you do not need to go into complex settings to access any of the controls. Gestures and touch controls do it all.

Yes, the app will need a little sharper learning curve. Since it has several features packed into one, you will need to go through a training session. Once you get used to the app, we are sure that you will not leave Obscura Camera.

Get it from the official link at Obsura Camera

Retrica can be one of the best options as long as third party camera apps for iPhones are concerned. There are no controls here on the app. Rather than shooting new images, Retrica focusses on improving the shots you have already taken.

The application provides you over 80 filters. In fact, Retrica focusses on vintage filters. You can apply the filter before you take the shots – that means your shots will come up with the selected effects and filters. However, you can apply the filters after the shot is taken as well.

You can also create photo collages with Retrica. The app lets you create hundreds of images, videos, and GIFs quite easily. The app provides you with multiple capabilities with respect to multi shots.

Get it from the official link at Retrica – Selfie Camera with Filter, Sticker & GIF

Hydra is a perfect camera app meant for the conditions where there is no enough lighting. The best in class HDR functionality and best performance in low light are the two features that set Hydra apart from the competition.

Hydra also comes with a special low-light mode which helps you get better shots even when the lighting is not so perfect. In fact, the mode takes a series of photos and then overlaps them and thus improves the light factor.

Another feature that makes it a great camera app for your iPhone can be attributed to the dedicated HDR mode that the app offers you. The HDR mode converts your photos into some great shots. There is a real-time zoom available which does not stutter and thereby can be good while shooting videos.

Hydra lets you take high-quality shots of up to 32 MP. There is an Apple Watch companion from the developers.

Get it from the official link at Hydra – Amazing Photography

If you a professional photographer, and own an iPhone – ProShot is a perfect camera app for your requirements. It offers you a literally lengthy list of advanced features.

It comes with an impressive and perfect list of manual controls. The modes it offers you, especially for shooting videos, runs so lengthy list that we may need to compose a dedicated article for the purpose. One of the features that are worthy of mention can be advanced controls it provides for exposure, ISO, shutter, and White balance.

The interface of the camera app is quite cleaner and clutter free. Actually, the app offers you a huge list of various effects and filters, yet – none of those settings tend to be intrusive in any way. That would help you use the viewfinder to its fullest.

Get it from the official link at ProShot – RAW, DSLR Controls & Video

This is one of the best options for taking professional quality snaps on your iPhone. If you are into long exposure photography, we would recommend you go for Slow Shutter Cam.

The app offers you three capture modes – Motion Blur, Light Trail and Low Light. The Motion Blur option adds a blur to show the movement in your shots. For instance, motion blur mode used with a shot of a waterfall can be an excellent masterpiece. Light Trail is a mode you can use to capture the movement of light. The mode can be best for capturing fireworks. The third mode, Low Light is self-explanatory. It captures light from as many available sources as possible and sends them to your camera sensor. This will ensure that you will end up with the best shots even in low light conditions.

If creativity is your forte, then Slow Shutter Cam is the best companion you can have. The modes we explained above are indeed best suited for diverse conditions.

Get it from the official link at Slow Shutter Cam

The Final Words

That was our top ten list for some best third party camera apps for iPhone. We have made an attempt to include the apps that would suit all the requirements that people with individual tastes may have. We are sure you will pinpoint one or two apps featured in the above list and opt for them.

If you are using any of the iPhone camera apps featured here above, we will welcome you to share your views with us. Which is your favorite camera app for your shiny iPhone? Share your views with us.

Top 10 VPN Services You Must Try Thu, 04 May 2017 14:07:35 +0000 The Internet has been the ubiquitous thing these days. We use it for all our needs. However, there are several reasons why you would want your browsing to be safe and secure. When you need to use the Internet without having to forego your privacy and security, opting for a VPN would be the best option. The VPN services offer you several benefits apart from providing you a safe avenue of browsing.  We will list out the best VPN services that can be of help to you in that direction.

What is VPN?

A VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It connects two computers located in remote places. A VPN is actually a group of computers that have been networked together to form a public network.

The benefit of using a VPN would be in the fact that you do not communicate with the remote server. Instead, you enter your credentials on the VPN client that you launch initially. The client establishes a connection to the remote server. The page you requested is displayed after the identity is verified. The communication between you and the remote server stays entirely encrypted. Thus the hassles of your privacy being at stake at public WiFi hotspots is avoided.

[su_note note_color=”#dd3333″ text_color=”#ffffff”]Know – How a VPN Hides Your IP[/su_note]

Why use VPN services on my smartphone?

Well, the simple reason is to protect your privacy.  VPN services help you stay safe by not letting the prying eyes of the hackers from snooping on your private information. However, choosing the one that best suits your requirement would be the toughest task ever.

Almost all of them look similar and provide the same set of features. Make sure you have read their privacy policies correctly. You can then go for a service that best suits your expectations. Free VPN services can be a concern, as are any free services and apps out there. Maybe they are selling your information. Maybe some services have ambiguous policies. We make an attempt at finding the best VPN services for you.

  1. VYPR VPN ( Free with subscription options for unlimited usage)

VYPR VPN happens to be the best VPN service you can use. It is one of the advanced VPN services currently available.

What makes it one of the most trusted brands in the VPN arena is the fact that it has quite a huge list of servers spread across different parts of the globe. Golden Frog, the developers of VYPR VPN, have been known for their stringent policies on privacy and security.

The service has servers located in Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Costa Rica, Finland, US, UK and other parts. The best part of VYPR VPN is that they have their own servers and do not need to depend on third-party options. The VPN offers several advanced features like Chameleon protocol which hides your VPN usage.

Free plan gives you MB data per month. If you want more, you can opt for the Pro and Premium accounts. Pro account lets you have two connections simultaneously, while a Premium account will give you access to three connections.

  1. VPN Master (Free with subscription plans for additional usage)

VPN Master has received the highest rating on Play Store. It does come with server locations across major destinations like UK, US, Canada, France, Netherlands, Singapore, Canada, Japan among others.

It offers you  500 MB of data usage per month under the free package. There may be a few speed constraints with the free option. The premium servers are reserved for the VIP accounts, as such you will have no access to them. Opting for a VIP account will give you access to premium servers and unlimited data usage.

VPN Master also comes with its own Speed Monitor widget. It can be helpful in finding it out if the server speed is efficient or not.

  1. Hola Free VPN (Free)

If you are looking for an entirely free VPN service, Hola is a perfect choice for you. Along with working for securing your privacy, it also speeds up your browsing experience.

Hola is a browser-based service that can unblock the geo restrictions imposed on certain websites. It is available as a browser-based extension for Google Chrome and Firefox. They also have apps for Android and iOS.

You can use the service across multiple devices simultaneously. It is quite easy to install and best suited for private browsing. In case you are forced to run into issues, you can check the complete installation guide and FAQ section.

The service has been considered to be reliable enough. There can be occasional crashes. Speed too is found to be quite useful for streaming purposes.

  1. Speed VPN (Free)

Developed by GoSpeed Software, Speed VPN is one of the best VPN Clients you can opt for free. It is best suited for viewing low-resolution videos.

It offers you a One Click connectivity option. You can connect to the internet through multiple locations. The VPN is primarily used for unblocking the geographically restricted websites. You can connect to unlimited servers and get unlimited bandwidth. The simple to use interface is what makes it an excellent choice. If you are thinking of opting for the Speed VPN for use with torrent sites, please be warned that you will run the risk of getting banned. Torrent services are not allowed on Speed VPN.

The Speed VPN service has servers located across  France, Canada and the United States. Being a free service, you will get 180 minutes of free time for each connection. You can reconnect and get 180 minutes again. The tool does not require any kind of installation and registrations to use the service.

  1. Super VPN (Free)

Super VPN is one of the best VPN services available on Android. It claims around 5 million installations so far. Founded in 2010, the VPN service lets you encrypt all your connections so that your privacy is not susceptible to tracking.

Super VPN offers you a high-end encryption service, and best in class professional quality. It has over 400 servers located across 48 countries. You can work with up to five simultaneous connections.

Super VPN does not log your activity details. The Android app comes with a sleek and easy to use interface. The mobile apps offer an unmatched quality of service.

  1. Touch VPN (Free)

This is yet another free VPN service that handles your privacy efficiently. The Touch VPN offers you unparalleled protection with the aid of SSL certification.

Touch VPN offers you unlimited VPN functionality free of cost. The SSL certification ensures that your connectivity stays completely encrypted between you and server. The service has one more feature that makes it an excellent choice – it extends your battery life considerably, thanks to the battery conserve feature that the VPN service has on offer.

The service has no limitations of any sort. You can have an excellent support option available for you. The service provides an efficient way of making all your connections safe, secure and unlimited access to all the functionality.

Touch VPN offers you a One Click access to all your browsing requirements. Clicking on the button will connect you to one of the available servers. You can expect speeds better than the regular web proxies.

  1. Flash VPN Proxy (Free)

Flash VPN is yet another VPN Proxy lets you have safer connections by making your incoming and outgoing connections safe from the prying eyes of the hackers and other unwanted fraudsters.

The Flash VPN is one of the most secure and comfortably encrypted VPN. The app, in spite of being a free app, offers you several features that you would be able to find only in a premium app. You have an unlimited access to bandwidth.

The One-Click Connect feature makes it the best for accessing the internet without having to worry about the prying eyes and spoofing attempts. There would be no configurations of any kind are required to use the services of Flash VPN Proxy. The service has servers located in the United States, England, and Japan. Flash VPN also lets you unblock the geographically restricted sites and services.

  1. CyberGhost VPN (Free)

CyberGhost is one of the most popular VPN services available for Android. Developers claim that they offer banking level security. CyberGhost uses an exceptional standard of security as long as your privacy is concerned.

CyberGhost claims that they respect customer’s privacy concerns and as such does not collect any personal information. The free VPN service has over 23 servers located across 15 locations worldwide. ( of course, you can opt for the premium version which offers you 300 servers across 23 countries).

The app ensures that it uses 256 bit AES encryption. The application offers you an easy to use interface. The servers are spread across strategic locations like US, Germany, Czech Republic, Spain, Finland, France, United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, and Romania.

  1. Psiphon

This is yet another excellent free VPN service you can opt for securing your privacy. However, the company claims that data protection and digital privacy are not their primary concerns.

The major area that Psiphon wants cater to is unblocking the content that has been restricted based on regions. So, if accessing the sites that are geologically restricted is prime objective, this is your perfect partner. The app is free to use, and that makes it a great option you can go for.

Psiphon has servers spread across six countries. When you are connected to a server from Psiphon, the server uses the certificates to authenticate the user. However, it should be noted that it may not be advisable to use Psiphon as a regular VPN service.

The server locations of Psiphon are spread across United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Netherlands.Psiphon offers.  You get access to a best in class performance in public WiFi.

  1. Open VPN Connect

Part of OpenVPN community, the OpenVPN Connect is full featured free VPN service that offers you an exceptional functionality. The service is powered by Polar SSL certification that ensures you get a powerful and enhanced security.

The OpenVPN is an open source service. However, unlike most other services explained in this article, it has a steeper learning curve. If you are ready to spend a few hours, or a few days to learn more about the tool, this is the best choice for your requirements.

The setting up and using the OpenVPN Connect can be a little confusing if you are not aware of the basics of how to set up and configure a VPN connection.

The Final Thoughts

This concludes our Top Ten list of the best free VPN services for Android. There are several VPNs available for Android like Droid VPN, Le VPN, etc. The list could go longer if you are indeed looking for a wider choice. However, we have listed the best ten options for the Android operating system. We have included the apps that tend to be free. The reason is simple – if you include paid options, you will get a better choice. Moreover, we do not think one would go for paid options for the sake of ensuring privacy.

Moreover, we have listed out the VPN apps and services that offer you an excellent choice of servers and better functionality. It would be advisable to go through the terms and conditions stipulated by the service provider that you opt for. Our main aim is to let you find your ideal VPN.

Have you used any of the services featured on this list? We would welcome you to share your views and opinions with us. If you have any other options for taking care of your privacy concerns and security, do share those ideas as well.

Top 10 Haunted Houses in New York Wed, 26 Apr 2017 09:44:48 +0000 Hi folks, let’s walk up and celebrate another awesome part of being the adults. Just get up and hit all the levels of scares. Yes, I am talking about going to haunted houses and experience another part of being the daring adults.

In this article, I am going to reveal the top 10 haunted houses in New York. It’s a promise that all have the significant levels of scares and you can enjoy with your team at the maximum level.

Top 10 Haunted Houses in New York

The Barn of Terror

The Barn of Terror is one of the famous haunted places in New York State located at 25 Thruview Farm Road, Lake Katrine, N.Y. 12449. This haunted house in NYC has been running for last 14 years. I suggest it as you have to spend just $33 for getting an entry and can also enjoy a heavy discount if you have a big group of more than 20 members.

HorseAbility Haunted Hay Barn

This haunted house in NY is located at 223 Store Hill Road, Old Westbury, N.Y. 11568 is a wonderful place where you can get an experience of the Halloween world by just spending $13. So if you are a bit miser in nature, then straightly go to the Horse Ability Haunted Hay Barn and enjoy the different sides of fear tactics that will make everyone insane.

The forest of fear

The forest of fear, no doubt, one of the best haunted houses in New York, located at 600 NY-17A, Tuxedo Park, N.Y. 10987. This perfect NYC haunted house comprises seven different attractions all for just $30. If you are looking forward to getting a crowded haunted house in NY, then please, give this place the top priority as on Saturdays, you can find the heavy crowd enjoying Halloween activities.

Night Terror Haunted Farm

Located at 4193 NY-7, Schoharie, N.Y. 12157, this haunted house in New York included an awesome haunted hayride and considered as one of the perfect haunted places in New York State. This NYC haunted house comprises many interesting activities such as circus, zombie attack, maize, and more by just spending $18.

Bayville Screen park

In this NYC haunted house, you may enjoy five scary attractions including Temple of Terror, a Funhouse of Fear, Bloodsworth Haunted Mansion, Evil in the Woods, and Zombie Pirates by just spending $49.75. If you are thrilled for Halloweens since your childhood, then please, move your way to Bayville Screen Park and enjoy a different and superb phase of your life.

More To Explore in New York

Blood Manor

If you seem yourself, darling, then please have a visit to the Blood Manor haunted house in New York located at 163 Varick St, New York, NY 10013, USA. And you are less than 14 years then please don’t enter into this NYC haunted house as it has horror-themed rooms, passageways, and corridors.

Horseman’s Mallow

This haunted place in New York State is awesome. In horseman’s mallow, you can see the real side of horrible activities which may also freeze you for a while. So if you suppose yourself a daring person, then straight move your route to 381 North Broadway, Sleepy Hollow, NY 10591, USA.


If you are still looking forward to capturing the best NYC haunted house, then don’t miss to have a visit to ‘Nightmare,’ a haunted house in NYC located at 107 Suffolk St, New York, NY 10002, USA. No doubt, this haunted place in New York is considered as the detail-oriented as it covers all phases of horrible activities.

Kingsbury Cemetery

The Kingsbury Cemetery NYC haunted house covers all possible themes of terrible events including “Night of the Wolf,” “Seances,” “Clara’s Revenge, and more. Moreover, this charity based haunted house in NY was started in 2000 at 100 Victory Hwy, Painted Post, NY 14870, USA.

Fright Night at the Fair

The Fright Night at the fair is located at 3179 Erie Blvd E, Syracuse, NY 13214, USA. It is one of the largest haunted places in New York State. Here you can experience the Halloween activities in more than one haunted house and experience the different ways of scaring. Some of this haunted house NYC attractions include an insane asylum, a crypt, haunted hayride, Frankenstein’s mansion, and more.

Final Words About Haunted Houses In NYC

So this is all about the top haunted places in New York State where you can experience about everything included in Halloween activities. So make a trip from October to onwards and enjoy some different sides of life.

I hope you will go the best haunted house in NY and also share your superb movements in a below mentioned comment box.