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10 Best Cars to Buy in Canada 2014

Canadians go crazy when it comes to buying their favorite car. They don’t really care for anything on this aspect, but the quality of the vehicle should be the topmost. Hence, it is quite sure that the specs are of the highest level when a car gets a place in the most favorite or highest selling list of Canadians. However, we have come up with some of those in this line-up.

 1.Toyota Corolla

Here we come with another Toyota on the list. In fact, this is one of the most antique stuff for Canadians and from Toyota. Its quest has started since 1988, and with the latest one hitting showrooms it has achieved a dream success. The sales have grown up to 17% as the product has crossed 18,000 sales already this year.

2.Honda Civic

After introducing some revamps the product has certainly witnessed the good show. It is here to mention that in comparison to the last year it has achieved a 6% hike in sales up to initial quarters this year. It has scored a whooping 22,808 product sales and maintaining the pride of being one of the most popular Canadian cars.

3.GMC Terrain

The product holds a very simple concept to be successful. It has those entire Canadian look for in his favorite car. You can bag it for $28,295. It has achieved great success as well in comparison with the contemporaries. Till the initial quarters of the year the product has achieved about 5000 sales, though it was expected to be even more.

4.Chrysler Town & Country

It is having a very encouraging past and the present is getting even more glorious. At $32,595, this is a superb option in Canada. Things are better understood when given in a statistical manner. In this context, we want to mention that the product has witnessed about 4,500 sales in the initial four-five months of the year, which is about a 10% hike in comparison with the past years.

5.Toyota Matrix

This one should be your option if you are not very happy while making the pocket lighter. At just $17,895 the product is simply awesome. An interesting fact is that this comparatively cheaper version of the car is made available in Canada; whereas the bigger versions are very popular in other nations. The product has achieved about 5,200 sales through May this year.

6.Dodge Grand Caravan

The current year is certainly fantastic for the company as the perfect family stuff has achieved a 12% sales hike. Till the end of May, the product has achieved more than 19,500 sales this year. This is another in the list for which the price has played a huge part. At just $19,895 it is simply a superb product.

7.Ford Edge

It is our recommendation for your happy family. This car with a couple of rows, and with the capacity of five people can be bagged at a price of $30,999. It has been running fantastic since last 7-8 years. This year, the product has already achieved about 7,000 sales matching almost as of the last year during the same period.

8.Honda CR-V

If an economical car in terms of fuel is your choice, then nothing is a better option than this in whole Canada. In addition, it has been tagged at a pretty decent price as well. At just $25,990 this is a fantastic product. Within a very short while the product has witnessed great success. Believe it or not, the product has achieved more than 13,000 sales this year being just a two years old company.

9.Toyota RAV4

Toyota is very proud of its five-passenger product. The product started its journey in 2009 and is simply rocking with the Canadians at present. It has achieved a selling record of about 13,500 already this year. However, many claims that the $23,870 price at the comparatively higher specs is the clue to its remarkable success.

10.Chevrolet Equinox

Having five people and four-door combinations the car can be yours at $26,935. It is really great to know that the company has to go for more production after coming across the huge demand from the fans. Statistically, it has achieved about 20% higher sales this time. About the 7.500 pieces of the product have been sold.


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