10 Amazing Things in Nature you won’t believe Actually Exist

Mother Nature has its own ways of surprising human beings, as it has some marvelous creations which one cannot even imagine, let alone seeing and experiencing them. These amazing creations go beyond reasoning and thinking powers as they are absolutely magical and hard to believe.

Here are 10 amazing things in nature which you won’t believe actually exist:

10.Pink Hillier Lake in Australia

One of the most awesome and unbelievable creation in nature is the captivating pink colored Lake Hillier in the western islands of Australia. The vivid pink color may seem like a trick of light on the first glance, but studies point out that the color may come from high levels of salt in the water, which result in abundance of a species of micro algae called Dunaliella Salina in it. The micro algae leads to formation of a pigment similar to beta carotene, which can absorb light and give it the pink hue.

9.Blood Falls in Antarctica

Next on the list of 10 amazing things in nature is the Blood Falls in Antarctica, which bear an uncanny resemblance to red blood, the reason being the presence of iron oxide in the water. The saltwater falls originate at the tongue of Taylor Glacier and flow into Lake Bonney in Taylor Valley.

8.Giant Crystal Cave in Mexico

The Giant Crystal Cave, localy known as Cueva de los Cristales, in Naica, Mexico is something which needs to be seen to be believes. The cave abounds in biggest natural crystals in the world, which are caused by a favorable environment available in the cave. It has been roved scientifically that the crystals have been formed over a long period of time in presence of mineral rich water and a temperature of 58 degree Celsius.

7.Frozen Air Bubbles in Abraham Lake, Canada

Among the most amazing phenomena in the world is the frozen air bubbles seen in the Abraham Lake in Alberta, Canada. These are created when methane gas produced by underwater plants and animals reach up to the surface in the form of air bubbles and gets trapped under the frozen surface of the lake.

6.Shimmering Shores of Vaadhoo Island, Maldives

The shores of Vaadhoo Island in Maldives exhibit a shimmering light show at midnight, making it something really hard to believe. This brilliant effect is caused by tiny microbes called phytoplankton, which washes up on the sand along with water. These organisms use bio luminescence as a natural defense mechanism.

5.Ghost Trees in Pakistan

Next on this list is the most astonishing phenomena visible in the ghost trees of Pakistan, which are a result of millions of spiders making their way up on the trees to escape flood water. As a result, the trees seem to be shrouded in a dense spider web, giving them a ghostly effect.

4.Light Pillars over Moscow

The amazing visual effect formulated by light reflected by ice crystals, which is seen as the light pillars over Moscow, is another incredible natural phenomena witnessed by mankind. The light source may be heavenly bodies like the sun and the moon, or something as basic as a streetlight.

3.Underwater Forest in Kaindy Lake, Kazakhstan

The underwater forest, which is seen in the 400 m long Kaindy Lake in Khazakhstan, presents an incredible sight and features next in this list. It is believed that a landslide triggered by a massive earthquake in 1911 resulted in formation of this lake.

2.Salt Flats of Bolivia

The beautiful Salt Flats of Bolivia present an unbelievable image, in which the sky and the earth seem to merge into one. The world’s largest salt flat, Salar de Uyuni features a crusted layer of salt, which happens to be reflective and create a mirror image of the sky.

1.The Dirty Thunderstorm/Volcanic Lightning in Iceland

One of the most amazing things in nature which is hard to believe is the volcanic lightning witnessed in Iceland, which has been scientifically called the dirty thunderstorm. It is created when ice particles collide with ash in a volcanic cloud, which results in creation of static electric charge.

All these wonderful creations of nature stand witness to the ultimate power of Nature, as man cannot even think of bringing some things like these into existence.

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