landscape design ideas

Top 10 Landscape Design Ideas

Is your yard looking bland? Are you looking for landscaping ideas that will bring your yard to life? Finding perfect landscape design ideas for your yard can be a lot of work,... Read more »
memphis neighborhoods

The Best Memphis Neighborhoods Real Estate Investors Can’t Get Enough of in 2021

Across the country, real estate has become a seller’s market and Memphis is no different. The median home price in the south in April 2021 was $289,500, a huge increase of 15.8%.... Read more »
roofing in winter

Is Roofing in Winter a Good Idea?

Did you know the average roof replacement costs $7000? Roof repairs can cost much less, so if you have roof issues, it’s important to have them repaired right away. Don’t risk it... Read more »
building a shed

The Benefits of Building a Shed For Your Backyard

Shed companies have seen a 400% rise in demand for backyard sheds since COVID. Homeowners spend more time at home living and working. This has led to more people realizing that they... Read more »
Construction 101

Construction 101: A Guide to Reliability Centered Maintenance Training

If you’re running a construction site or any other industrial workplace, you need to know about Reliability Maintenance Training. It’s the best way to keep your business and your workers safe. This... Read more »
hoarding cleanup services

10 Benefits of Professional Hoarding Cleanup Services

According to the American Psychiatric Association, 2-6% of the population struggles with hoarding disorder. Adults 55-94 are three times more likely to be hoarders than adults in the 34-44 age range. Are... Read more »
White membrane roofing

What Is White Membrane Roofing?: The Facts You Need to Know

Are you considering installing a new roof? There are a ton of options out there, such as asphalt shingles, metal roofing, and clay tile. It can be difficult to choose between them... Read more »
Off Campus Housing

Pros and Cons of Off Campus Housing

Although most students live in the on campus dorms during their first year or so of school, many students decide to move off campus in their later years for a wide variety... Read more »
buying a fixer upper

Beginner’s Guide to Buying a Fixer Upper Home

You’re on the market for a house. You don’t want to spend a lot of money. As such, you’re looking into buying a fixer upper. However, before you pull the proverbial trigger,... Read more »
laying foundations

How to Build Your Home: Laying Foundations

Laying foundations accounts for about 12% of a new build budget. How much thought have you given to a structure you may never actively see or engage with? We understand how interior... Read more »