The Benefits of Building a Shed For Your Backyard

Shed companies have seen a 400% rise in demand for backyard sheds since COVID. Homeowners spend more time at home living and working. This has led to more people realizing that they need more space.

If you own a home, you should consider building a shed. It’s a simple and affordable way of giving yourself more space.

Whether you build one yourself or hire a company, you can enjoy several benefits from your shed.

Additional Storage

You’re running out of storage space in your closets, and the garage is bursting at its seams. A backyard shed is best for storage of items that you don’t use often but aren’t ready to get rid of.

Look for one that can securely seal to prevent moisture damage. Build a shelving system on the inside to help you organize the boxes and anything else that you place inside.

Outdoor Tool Access and Protection

If you want to have beautiful landscaping, you need to have the right tools. This can result in several pieces of equipment taking up space in your garage. A garden backyard shed can create an organized storage space for all of your gardening equipment.

This puts everything you need within easy reach. You’ll spend less time running to your garage and back every time you need something. It also gives you a place to retreat when the sun gets too hot while you’re working.

Affordable Living Space Addition

Building onto your house can be an expensive and time-consuming venture. You’ll need to pour an additional foundation, frame it out, add insulation, hire an electrician for wiring, and build out the roof. For many homeowners, the cost of this addition is more than the potential benefit of the additional living space.

Instead, build a shed in your backyard and enjoy more living space. Whether you work with a shed company or build it yourself, the cost to build a shed is significantly lower.

You can turn your backyard shed into any type of living space that you need. You could have a basic room or add electricity and plumbing for a complete room. Consider these options for your new living space.

  • Office
  • Hobby studio
  • Children’s playhouse
  • Gym
  • Spa
  • Workshop
  • Guesthouse

Increased Property Value

Adding a shed to your backyard can increase your property value. It creates more usable space and makes the outdoor space more attractive. Potential homeowners will appreciate that you have already begun making the outdoor area more usable.

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Instead of building a utilitarian-looking shed, consider one with decorative architectural aesthetics. It could have shutters on the windows, shingles on the roof, or gutters. Build a decorative porch on the front to create an attractive entrance to your shed.

Consider Building a Shed in Your Backyard

As you can see, building a shed in your backyard can give you several benefits. Depending on the size of the shed you build, you could get several of these benefits from one structure. Perhaps you build a shed that gives you additional storage while functioning as a home office and guest house.

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