old tv antenna

Should You Repair or Replace an Old TV Antenna? Thoughts to Consider

There’s no doubt that network/broadcast TV has been in decline for about a decade. This has been due to a mass migration away from traditional network feeds and towards on-demand platforms like... Read more »
safety lock for Doc

Restricting Access to Digital Content

Digital content piracy in music, e-books, training courses and reports is a growing concern for publishers and creators alike. These days, a file can easily be duplicated and disseminated, with virtually no... Read more »
high-voltage cables

Testing High-Voltage Cables Safely: 5 Important Tips

Operators testing high-voltage cables put themselves in highly dangerous situations. Consider that a cable is rated high-voltage with +1000 volts of alternating current running through it—that can pose some serious physical injuries... Read more »

Transfers in 2020: Data Transfer Software That Makes File Sharing a Breeze

For a long time before COVID-19, companies have been making the shift toward a more remote workforce. The pandemic only gave the world a push in the direction it was already headed.... Read more »
Steps to Make Your Mobile App More Secure

Essential Steps to Make Your Mobile App More Secure

In an age where privacy and security are more critical to the public than ever before and, at the same time, when it is most at risk, centering security in the development... Read more »
Inkjet vs Laser

Inkjet vs Laser: Which Printer Should You Get?

Although there are various types of printers, inkjet and laser options are the most popular. Each printer has its unique pros and cons. As such, they can suit varied needs. Since there... Read more »
corporate video production

How corporate video production can help to gain traffic

The more consistently exposure a business delivers the more customers it increases. Corporate video production can proffer that exposure. Your first step to being seen is building an internet site. However, getting... Read more »
cloud computing

Understanding Cloud Computing

Cloud hosting is an aspect of business one cannot dare ignore. The servers used can be created, destroyed, or modified on demand. Cloud hosting has evolved, bringing the best of experience for... Read more »

Top 10 Cool Inventions – 2019

It is the right time to focus on cool inventions in 2019 and start a step to be aware of the most interesting inventions one after another. Out of the ordinary things... Read more »
Bay Area Website Design Company

Bay Area Website Design Company Explains Web Design

With the industries of today, joining the days of yesterday, and leading the technology standards of tomorrow, web design has become one of the highest demand (along with one of the highest... Read more »