Generate electricity

Turbine Talk: How Does a Turbine Generate Electricity?

There are more than 60,000 wind turbines installed across the United States. If you’ve ever driven along the countryside, you’ve probably come across these massive power generators. These turbines generate enough power... Read more »

What Is content:// And How To Change Default Web Browser In Android?

Content:// is the address (syntax) of the homepage of your default browser. For example, the Google Chrome browser is commonly used as the homepage on most android devices however you can always... Read more »
sound dampening

5 Sound Dampening Technologies that Are Shaping Modern Noise

Noise pollution can have adverse effects on our health. This is why sound dampening technology is an important investment and trend to look out for. This is the regular exposure to high... Read more »
solar roof installer

7 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Solar Roof Installer

Have you put off getting solar in the past because of the price? It made sense to do that several years ago. Today, it’s a different story. The price of solar is... Read more »
3d scanner uses

Awesome 3D Scanner Uses You Didn’t Know About

In less than a decade the 3D scanner market size will more than double. There are not only uses for 3D scanners in every industry, 3D scanning has the potential to completely... Read more »
old tv antenna

Should You Repair or Replace an Old TV Antenna? Thoughts to Consider

There’s no doubt that network/broadcast TV has been in decline for about a decade. This has been due to a mass migration away from traditional network feeds and towards on-demand platforms like... Read more »
safety lock for Doc

Restricting Access to Digital Content

Digital content piracy in music, e-books, training courses and reports is a growing concern for publishers and creators alike. These days, a file can easily be duplicated and disseminated, with virtually no... Read more »
high-voltage cables

Testing High-Voltage Cables Safely: 5 Important Tips

Operators testing high-voltage cables put themselves in highly dangerous situations. Consider that a cable is rated high-voltage with +1000 volts of alternating current running through it—that can pose some serious physical injuries... Read more »

Transfers in 2020: Data Transfer Software That Makes File Sharing a Breeze

For a long time before COVID-19, companies have been making the shift toward a more remote workforce. The pandemic only gave the world a push in the direction it was already headed.... Read more »
Steps to Make Your Mobile App More Secure

Essential Steps to Make Your Mobile App More Secure

In an age where privacy and security are more critical to the public than ever before and, at the same time, when it is most at risk, centering security in the development... Read more »