The Biggest Tech Advances of the Past 10 years

We are certainly living in an era of massive technological growth and change with impressive digital and tech developments happening every year. As everything from cars to refrigerators to heavy industry to how we file our taxes has been completely altered by new digital technology, it is difficult to identify what the biggest tech advances of the last decade are.

However, we have given it our best shot with the list below. What would you add?

Blockchain, blockchain, blockchain

Whether you are a skeptic or a fully committed crypto bro, one thing we can all agree on is that blockchain technology has led to some of the biggest and most significant advances in technology over the last decade.

Blockchain technology is certainly not just for crypto; it is now being used for everything from insurance claims to investments to managing heavy industry. The technology itself is a revolutionary way of collecting and organizing data and we are really only seeing the beginning of what can be done on the blockchain.

3D printing

There was a huge amount of buzz around 3D printing a few years ago and although it seems to have fallen out of fashion, it is likely that we are only seeing the beginning of 3D printing’s applications. Researchers have suggested that it could be possible to 3D print food on a mass scale along with equipment, machine parts, and even clothing.

It is very possible that the 3D printing revolution is just beginning, and that the next 10 years will lead to even more developments.

Online casinos and sports betting

Is there any other industry that has gone from widely banned around the world to one of the most popular and beloved forms of digital entertainment in the span of five years? Online casinos and sweepstakes casinos like Sweepslots Casino have taken the gambling industry by storm around the world as more and more players have made the switch to digital and online versions of slot machine games, casino games and classic table games.

However, it is not just a legislative and cultural shift, the industry has also experienced one of the biggest tech advances. The platforms themselves have been totally revamped to allow for dozens of different payment options and crypto capabilities. They have also boosted security and greatly increased the number and variety of games on offer.

The online casino games now available include graphics and audio to rival big-budget video game productions and many of the live casino games are becoming more and more avant-garde and bursting through the fourth wall.

Internet of things

IoT, or the internet of things, is another major technological leap that we are only really seeing the beginning of. IoT encompasses all technological processes in which physical objects with processing abilities connect with and exchange data with other systems and devices in a connected network either over the internet or via another communications network.

One example of IoT technology is the way in which you can send an email from your watch and then print it wirelessly. Although IoT technology is just getting ramped up, there are already refrigerators, cars, homes and other appliances which are connected to the IoT.

Renewable energy

Another massive tech advance has been in the energy sector. Climate change has ramped up over the last few years and we are now facing a genuine crisis to bring warming within an acceptable temperature range.

Developing renewable and clean(er) energy generation methods is a major focus for governments and energy companies around the world. You have probably heard about wind farms and solar farms, but there are literally dozens of different ways to generate energy in cleaner ways than fossil fuels.

In fact, scientists have found ways to generate energy from non-traditional sources like the body heat of commuters, the movement of jellyfish, algae, confiscated alcohol, and even dancefloors. In this time of climate crisis, we really need to take every opportunity of creating a better, healthier world seriously and it is inspiring to see so many different ways to generate energy being discovered.

Artificial Intelligence

Although some people question the abilities of current Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems, we are certainly much further along than we were 10 years ago in the development of AI. Nearly every industry and sector have implemented some form of AI technology into their workflow, and it is certainly becoming one of the most popular tech tools on the market.