5 Benefits of Powder Coated Wheels for Your Car

powder coated wheels

Wheels have been around for seemingly forever. The first wheel in the history of humanity is believed to have been invented in the year 3500 BC. As technology has advanced, wheels have become more important for our transportation. Because they …

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Everything to Know About Tracked Vehicles

tracked vehicles

Have you ever wondered about the history of the large, tracked vehicles you see on construction sites? That machinery uses continuous track vehicle propulsion, often known as caterpillar tracks. You may be surprised to know that despite looking modern, they …

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How to Start Your Own Haulage Firm

haulage firm

Recent stats show the road haulage industry is worth around $2,811.7 billion. In this vast industry, there are lots of big companies that people know and trust, and so starting a new company in this world can be hard. Yet, …

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7 Auto Factory Maintenance Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

auto factory maintenance

Everyone is familiar with the adage that time is money. That principle is true in many industries, but perhaps auto manufacturing exemplifies this truth. Some estimate that unscheduled equipment downtime costs the industry tens of thousands of dollars every second. …

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9 Essential Tips for Storing a Car Long Term

next project

Did you know that more than 17 million cars were sold in 2019? General Motors sold a total of 2,887,046 cars. The GMC Sierra saw an increase in sales of 5.8%, totaling 232,323 cars. Ford Motor Company sold about 2,422,698 …

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