10 Benefits of Professional Hoarding Cleanup Services

According to the American Psychiatric Association, 2-6% of the population struggles with hoarding disorder. Adults 55-94 are three times more likely to be hoarders than adults in the 34-44 age range.

Are you or someone you care about struggling with hoarding. You might want to consider hiring hoarding cleanup services.

This guide will explain some of the benefits of hiring professionals to help you sort through the mess. Keep reading to learn what they are.

1. Professional Decluttering

The greatest benefit of professional hoarding cleanup is that you’ll have experts in the field helping you. A cleaning service that specializes in hoarding knows exactly how to approach your situation.

They’ll help you create a cleaning plan to work through every problem area. They’ll know how to reorganize the items you keep and how to properly dispose of the things you’ve decided to throw out.

A professional cleaning service will clean your home thoroughly and leave it spotless.

2. The Physically Straining Work Will Be Left to Someone Else

One of the most overwhelming parts of attempting to clean up a hoarder’s home is how much work you have to do. It’s a physically straining task to take on.

If you’re not used to this type of physically demanding work, it might be too much for you to attempt on your own. When you hire a professional company you won’t have to worry about moving a thing, they’ll take care of the entire job.

3. Items Will Be Removed Safely

Cleaning up a hoarder’s house requires working efficiently but cautiously. Sorting through piles of items is like navigating a maze. You’ll get lost in it if you don’t have a strategy and experience doing this kind of work.

A team of professionals will practice caution when sorting through the piles of items. They’ll know how to separate what’s important for the homeowner to keep and what isn’t.

4. It Can Improve Your Health

Hiring hoarding cleanup services is also beneficial to your health. Excessive hoarding will increase the levels of dust and dirt in your home.

This can increase your chances of getting sick from a virus or bacteria. It can also trigger allergies. Once you’ve had your home professionally cleaned you won’t have to worry about this anymore.

Getting help from hoarding professionals will also help your mental health. The stress of having so much in your home will go away. You’ll also feel more confident with a clean home and be more inclined to have friends and family over.

5. You Won’t Have to Come in Contact With Biohazards

DIY hoarding cleanup isn’t a good idea because you run the risk of coming into contact with biohazard materials. Besides the harmful bacteria that can grow in a hoarder’s home, you can also come in contact with feces, urine, and other pathogens that are dangerous to you.

Professional cleaners are equipped to handle these biohazard materials while protecting themselves. This is something you can’t do on your own, so it’s not wise to put yourself at risk.

6. Avoid Pests

Dirty dishes and rotting food are common in a hoarder’s home. This can attract a variety of pests you aren’t equipped to handle. You don’t have the tools nor the protective gear to handle getting rid of any pests you find in a hoarder’s home.

Rats, flies, and cockroaches are just a few of the pests you might find when attempting to clean through the home. These pests can spread disease so it’s best to let professionals handle extermination.

7. Have Professionals Handle Any Mold

During hoarding cleanup, it’s likely that you’ll come across some mold. A home overflowing with clutter does not have the space for proper ventilation.

Bad ventilation is the perfect environment for mold growth to occur. When a home is filled with things it’s also hard to detect any water damage. This can also lead to mold growth.

Mold is harmful both to your house and your health. When you hire a professional cleanup service you won’t have to worry about mold removal. They’ll take care of everything.

8. Avoid Injuries

If you try to clean up a hoarder’s home on your own you’re exposing yourself to injury as well. As you’re sorting through things, any number of piles can topple over and fall on top of you.

The number of items scattered throughout the home creates tripping hazards too. When you hire a professional team you can avoid any fractures or sprains that can occur if you try to do the work yourself.

9. The Professionals Have the Right Tool

Another benefit of hiring a professional team is that they’ll have all the tools necessary to complete the job. Cleaning a hoarder’s home requires having all kinds of cleaning solutions, boxes, specialized vacuum cleaners, and shovels.

Avoid having to go out and buy all this equipment and hire a professional crew that has the latest cleaning equipment. If you’re still wondering how to clean a hoarder’s house, the best thing to do is hire hoarding clean up services to help you.

10. Avoid Damaging Any Relationships

A professional hoarding clean-up service knows how to handle a hoarder’s emotions when it comes to letting go of their belongings. They’re trained to do this.

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Avoid creating any tension between you and the hoarder, if it’s someone in your family. Even if you have good intentions, they might feel anger towards you if you try doing the cleaning on your own. Let the professionals handle everything.

The Benefits of Hoarding Cleanup Services Explained

There are many benefits of hiring hoarding cleanup services like avoiding having to deal with biohazards and preventing injuries.

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