5 Tips for Selecting the Perfect Image Background

So, you have the perfect image but have no idea how to select the right background or where to even start. Whether you are photo editing or drawing something up in Procreate, this is a tricky subject that is often researched.

Don’t worry though. We are here to help! We have outlined what makes a great image background and the tips you need to know to get started.

1. Make Use of the Lighting

You can do so much when applying lighting effects to photography. Whether it be artificial light, or naturally from the sun, how you combine this with the background of your photograph is key! For a crisper and cooler temperature, try using studio lights rather than sunlight through a window for the shot.

There are plenty of types of lights to consider when preparing for a photoshoot:

  • Flat light
  • Broad light
  • Short light
  • Split light
  • Backlight
  • Rim light
  • Butterfly light
  • Loop light

Try experimenting with all of them, including natural light, to get familiar with how they interact with different subjects.

2. Minimize the Distractions

If you look at some of the most famous artwork ever created, you will notice that the background is usually quite simple. This applies to modern photo editing as well; keep it simple and minimalistic. Think of your background as a canvas that creates a strong contrast between the subject and their current surroundings.

3. Frame Your Subject With Unique Shapes

Photo backgrounds with distinct shapes can actually accentuate the image being displayed. Not only will this create an excellent border to the photo subject, but it creates a sense of balance to the image that is visually engaging. You can neatly fit your subject in a collection of overlapping triangles, a rectangle, squares, anything really.Read Also:10 Most Popular Android App To Download Music

4. Pay Attention to Color

Always make sure that your backdrop compliments the colors of the subject’s skin tone and clothing, rather than distract from it. For example, a bluish background consisting of dark colors will do great with a bright shirt. Whereas a white background would wash out the brightness of the subject’s clothing entirely.

5. Do a Test

Don’t forget, you can always do a self-portrait test to get used to different types of backgrounds and colors. This can also be helpful when tinkering with white balance, shutter speed, and other fun stuff. Experimenting with different angles, lens, and techniques will surely help to move on to your eventual subject.

Remember, practice makes perfect and you can always remove background from image free and try out different background layers in your image manipulation software! One method that worked with a certain subject may not work with another and there are always variables to consider.

Image Background 101

Well, there you have it! We have discussed the basics when deciding on a great image background. Although there are plenty of things to think about when choosing a background, you now know how to pick the perfect one! For more articles like this one, make sure you visit our blog today.