Pros and Cons of Off Campus Housing

Off Campus Housing

Although most students live in the on campus dorms during their first year or so of school, many students decide to move off campus in their later years for a wide variety of reasons. Both on and off housing have …

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Beginner’s Guide to Buying a Fixer Upper Home

buying a fixer upper

You’re on the market for a house. You don’t want to spend a lot of money. As such, you’re looking into buying a fixer upper. However, before you pull the proverbial trigger, you want to make sure that you’re making …

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How to Build Your Home: Laying Foundations

laying foundations

Laying foundations accounts for about 12% of a new build budget. How much thought have you given to a structure you may never actively see or engage with? We understand how interior finishes, framing, and landscaping are often at the …

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How Much Does It Normally Cost to Pave a Driveway?

pave a driveway

There are many reasons why you might decide that it’s time to pave a driveway. Paving a driveway makes your property look more attractive, increasing its curb appeal, and keeps the resale value nice and high too — it will …

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