A Post Construction Cleaning Checklist Every Homeowner Should Follow

Everyone loves watching home renovation projects on TV because they make it look fast and easy. You usually only see the glamourous parts of the project and never the process of cleaning up.

Though it isn’t the fun part of a home renovation, you can’t avoid it, and it helps to be prepared. A post construction cleaning checklist will save you a ton of stress and ensure the home looks better than ever after you’re done.

Let’s get into it.

What Is a Post Construction Cleaning Checklist?

A post construction cleaning checklist includes all the necessary details of a worksite area that you’ll need to clean following a project. Once a project begins, the worksite looks chaotic, and it’s challenging to know how to get it back in order.

A checklist helps you document where everything should go and helps identify the cleanup tasks ahead of time.

Keep in mind that cleaning up after a construction project can take time. You can save yourself some hassle by hiring a post construction cleaning service.

Entrances and Exits

All entry points that lead in and out of the building you’re working on should be cleaned and inspected. Be sure to dust all the interior and exterior lights and ensure that the lights are in working order.

Clean the doors, doorknobs, and door frames. You should sweep the entry and exit points as well. If necessary, you may need to mop the area.

You should also be on the lookout for nails and screws that could be lying around.

Specific Zones

The specific zones to clean will vary depending on the worksite. The exact cleaning steps you’ll need to take will depend on the work performed.

If there’s anything done in the kitchen or surrounding area, it will need a thorough clean to prevent sanitary issues related to food. Use a clean sponge with disinfectant products around the counter edges and the sink.

Watch out for scuffs and paint drops.

The bathroom also needs a thorough clean, especially because workers will likely be coming in and out from it. Be sure to clean the toilet, shower, and wipe down the sink and mirror.

And don’t forget about garages and storage spaces. These are the areas most often used by workers to store equipment and can quickly get messy. Remove all the equipment and sweep any dirt or dust away.

Interior Rooms

Besides cleaning specific zones of the house, you’ll need to dust all the ceilings and walls.

Wipe down the baseboards, windows, and blinds. When wiping down surfaces, be sure to use cleaning supplies that are appropriate for the surfaces. For example, if the surfaces are wood or glass, use cleaning supplies specifically meant for that surface.

You should also remove all paint and excess caulk. Finally, you should mop and vacuum all the floors.

Follow This Post Construction Cleaning Checklist

These are all the items you’ll want to include on your post construction cleaning checklist. Because home renovations vary, you may need to expand on these items depending on the area you’re renovating.

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However, this checklist serves as a foundation that every homeowner can use and build upon. Without a checklist, you’ll waste money, time, and resources.

Save yourself the stress and plan ahead!

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