7 Landscaping Tools and Equipment Every Beginner Needs

Does the exterior of your home look a bit barren? Are you looking to spice it up?

If so, it’s not a bad idea. Besides increasing curb appeal, quality landscaping can increase the value of your house by anywhere from 5-15%.

Of course, to get your yard looking beautiful, you’re going to have to put in a bit of elbow grease. You’re also going to need the necessary landscaping tools and equipment.

But exactly which things will you need?

Read on to learn about seven types of landscaping tools and equipment that everybody needs.

1. A Shovel

A shovel may sound basic, but there’s a reason why the human race continues to use it thousands of years after its original conception: because it works. Make sure that you have (at least) one stored in your shed or garage.

Most of the more basic shovels you’ll find have wood handles. More advanced shovels will have ones made of steel or fiberglass.

While a shovel is a shovel, it’s worth investing in a higher-quality one. You’ll notice that more expensive shovels are easier to dig with. They’re also easier to clean, which is important since you’ll be sticking them in the ground often.

Once you have your shovel, tools, and other equipment used in landscaping, visit Buildbase for a look at all of the building materials you need.

2. A Rake

The cousin of the shovel, a rake is another simple yet essential component of every landscaper’s garage or shed.

Like shovels, rakes feature different materials and come in different qualities. Cheaper rakes have wooden handles and plastic ends, while more expensive ones have steel or fiberglass handles.

For raking leaves, a wooden-handled rake is all you’ll probably need. Don’t worry about investing in something too expensive.

However, you will want a steel-handled rake to help you move heavier materials. This can include anything from mulch and rocks to compost and gravel.

3. A Lawn Mower

If you want to splurge on any of the tools or pieces of equipment in your landscaping arsenal, a lawn mower might be the thing to do it on.

You might see a cheap pushable land mower at the store and think that it’s all you need. And to some extent, that’s true—in the same way that an old and crumbling car is technically all you need to get to work.

But the truth is that modern lawn mowers come with a plethora of great features. Besides helping you finish cutting your grass faster, they also make your yard look better.

Do your research to ensure that you find a lawn mower that will last you for years.

4. A Weed Wacker

While a lawn mower will take care of the majority of your grass, it’s not going to do you any good around edges and other hard-to-reach areas. That’s where a weed wacker or grass trimmer comes in handy.

Weed wackers make it easy to get the edges of your lawn looking as nice as the rest of it. You can use one around sidewalks, your driveway, trees, flower beds, and other landscaping elements.

Like with lawn mowers, you can choose to get a gas-powered or electric weed wacker. Gas-powered works better for larger projects and yards, while electric is best for smaller ones.

5. A Leaf Blower

A leaf blower might not seem like an essential piece of equipment, especially if you already have a quality rake. But you’ll thank yourself later when fall rolls around and you have one ready to go.

Rakes are best for smaller areas, while leaf blowers allow you to tackle massive piles of leaves. Using one saves you time and energy, allowing you to move on to other landscaping projects.

Like many of the other pieces of equipment mentioned, leaf blowers exist in both electric and gas-powered forms. We recommend getting a gas one, as they require a lot of power to run. An electric one will require you to switch out the battery more than you’d like.

6. A Snowblower

If you live in Los Angeles, southern Texas, or the Arizona desert, feel free to move on to number seven. If you live somewhere that gets even a couple of inches of snow in winter, however, consider investing in a snowblower.

Snowblowers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but the key is to choose the most powerful one that your budget allows. You don’t want to buy a tiny one, as shoveling will prove to be more convenient.

Snowblowers work great on all sorts of surfaces. You can clear away snow on decks, driveways, sidewalks, and almost any other surface.

7. Gloves

Regardless of where you live and what sort of home you reside in, gloves are a must-have. Instead of stopping at a single pair, make a point to purchase the following three types:

  • Synthetic: Great for handling any sort of dry materials
  • Latex-coated cotton gloves: Ideal for wet materials
  • Leather gloves: Offer you the best levels of protection, great for digging and other more strenuous tasks

Having these three types of gloves on hand in your arsenal ensures that you’re ready to tackle any sort of landscaping situation.

Make Sure to Have the Necessary Landscaping Tools and Equipment

Whether you have a massive estate or a tiny plot of land, you’re going to want to have certain landscaping tools and equipment on hand. However, knowing what to have can be a challenge.

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Make your life easier by following this guide. The seven tools and equipment used in landscaping mentioned are all simple but essential for a well-kept yard and home.

Do you now have a better idea of what types of professional landscaping tools and equipment you should have? If so, make sure to check out the rest of our site for more home-related guides and tips.