5 Ways To Reduce Industrial and Construction Noise

Did you know that the leading cause of hearing loss is noise pollution? Unlike cranking up your music on your headphones, you can’t always control the noise pollution you are exposed to. This is what makes it so scary.

This is why, if you’re in the construction industry, it’s important to reduce the construction noise you are exposed to. In addition, it’s important to limit the noise those around you are exposed to. By reducing construction noise, you can help prevent hearing loss on a large scale!

Many people say it’s impossible to dampen sound on a construction site, but this is a misconception. You can easily mitigate construction noise with a bit of planning and care! If you want to learn how to reduce noise pollution, read on!

1. Detect a Noise Issue

If you’re not sure if the noise your site produces is too loud, here’s a quick test. Have your workers stand at arm’s length. If they have to raise their voices to have a conversation, the ambient noise is likely too loud.

If you or any of your workers leave the site with ringing in their ears, this can be a sign of temporary hearing damage. Some workers might feel that they can still hear the machine running in their heads.

2. Care for Your Equipment

If your machinery isn’t being maintained properly, it might be making more noise than it should be. Most of the noise produces is the result of metal on metal contact. In a well-cared-for machine, metal on metal contact areas are be lubricated to reduce noise.

3. Install Sound Barriers

One of the easiest ways how to reduce industrial noise is to install sound barriers on the site. A few sets of blankets and noise control barriers like this can dramatically improve the noise pollution given off at your site.

Industrial noise barriers can improve hearing conditions for both workers and nearby inhabitants.

4. Set Up a Fence

A fence is a simple way to reduce construction noise. A fence acts as a barrier that absorbs sound waves and vibrations, reducing noise around the construction site.

With a few internal sound barriers and a fence around the lot, you’ll have dramatic overall construction noise reduction.

5. Organize Your Site

If you keep machines separated and in areas that are not close to other inhabitants or workers, you can prevent giving off too much sound in any one spot or at any one time.

A bit of coordination like this can provide noise reduction in construction. Try to be considerate of your workers too. They should be able to rotate around noisy areas whenever possible, so they don’t spend too much time close to loud machines.

Start Reducing Your Construction Noise Today

Now you understand how bad construction noise is and how to detect and prevent it. There’s no reason to keep your construction site running at full volume. Mitigate hearing damage for your crew and your neighbors, and reduce your noise pollution today!

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