Is Roofing in Winter a Good Idea?

Did you know the average roof replacement costs $7000? Roof repairs can cost much less, so if you have roof issues, it’s important to have them repaired right away. Don’t risk it getting worse and becoming a significant cost.

But what if your roof needs work in the wintertime? Seasons do have a significant impact on roofing repair. Check out this guide about the realities of repairing and installing new roofing in winter here.

Potential Winter Roof Issues

Some of the most common problems that occur on roofs during the cold months are from the weather. High winds can cause shingles to fly off, which then results in leaks. Clogged gutters can cause ice dams to create stress, leaks, and breakage to both shingles and the roof.

Risks for Doing Roofing in Winter

Depending upon where you live, trying to do repairs or fix a leaky roof in winter can be dangerous. Harsh winter climates can create challenges like slippery surfaces, ice dams, and accumulated snow. Storms can hinder roof work and cause delays, so take that into account when planning your repairs.

Factors To Consider

The next point to consider is the structure of your house and the type of roof. Is it flat and easily accessible? Or is it multi-storied with a steep, pitched roof that could make work risky during less than ideal weather?

Hire a Professional With Experience

Once you’ve established the repairs and conditions, it’s time to hire a roofer. Don’t base your decision only on price, but make sure that you book someone who has experience working in winter weather. Ask to see photos of past jobs and discuss safety precautions in advance.

Verify Insurance

Before work begins, be sure to verify that the company has the proper insurance for the job. It’s also a good idea to check your own home insurance policy to see what it covers if any accidents occur on the property.

Be Proactive

With all that in mind, don’t wait until problems start to get help! Be proactive and have a roof inspection before winter arrives. You can get assistance from a reputable company like to help with all of your roofing needs.

Prepare for Winter in Advance

In addition to getting professional help, there are things that you can do to help your home get ready for winter. Take the time to get your gutters cleaned so that you avoid clogs and potential leaks. And trim your trees and bushes on the property so that your roof won’t get battered by falling branches and flying debris in a storm.

Ready To Start Your Roofing Repairs?

Now that you’ve learned about getting a new roof and repairs in the wintertime, you can make an informed decision. While putting in new roofing in winter can be challenging, it is still doable if you hire a reputable company and take safety precautions.

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