10 best zoos in USA

Besides offering an amazing view of nature, USA houses some of the most popular and attractive zoos in the world. You may visit them with your kids and friends and explore the various species of animals and birds. In addition, the Zoo proves to be an entertaining zone for you and your family.

let us look at the 10 best zoos in the USA.

1.San Diego Zoo

Spread across 100 acres, the San Diego Zoo is a home to more than 3700 animals including the lions, giraffes, giant pandas, sun bears, and much more. The best time to visit the zoo is an early morning where you can walk through the zoo with the pandas.

2.Lincoln Park Zoo

Located in Chicago, this zoo was founded in 1868 and is also considered to be one of the oldest zoos in the country. It houses over 1200 animals and is spread across 35 acres of land. You can capture rare species of birds such as black-crowned night herons and more.

3.Louis Zoo

Established in 1904, the St. Louis Zoo witnesses more than 2.9 million visitors every year. This zoo also houses more than 20,000 animals including the snow leopard, polar bears, penguins, sea lions, and red kangaroos. You can see the sea lion swimming under the 35-foot underwater tunnel. You can enjoy the zoo through a train ride.

4.Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

With more than 2.3 million visitors, this Zoo is another popular zoo in the US. It stretches across 90 acres and houses more than 6300 animals. You can capture the sight of animals including the polar bears, African leopards, brown bears, giraffes, zebras, lions, and more. In addition, this zoo also features an 18-hole golf course known as the Safari Golf Club.

5.Brookfield Zoo

It is one of the largest zoos in the US that is spread across 216 acres of land. It is a home for over 2300 animals such as spider monkeys, gibbons, great bear, and more. In addition, this zoo houses indoor exhibits as well.

6.Smithsonian National Zoological Park


This zoo was established in 1889 and it houses more than 2000 animals of 400 varied species. Besides, this zoological park is spread across 163 acres of land and is a short drive from the National Mall. You can capture the rare sights of red pandas, Asian elephants, orangutans, sea lions, gorillas, and more.

7.Como Park Zoo and Conservatory

This zoo was established in 1897 and can be a great entertaining zone for the family as it also includes a golf course, amusement park, pool, and more. In addition, this zoo is a home to varied species of animals such as penguin, polar bear, orangutan, lion, tiger, sea lion, zebras, and more.

8.Bronx Zoo

This is considered to be the largest urban zoo of US. The Bronx Zoo is a home for animals such as mongoose, hissing cockroaches, lions, giraffes, and crocodiles. Children can enjoy the ride around the zoo on the Bug Carousel.

9.Denver Zoological Gardens

This zoo witnesses over 1.9 million visitors every year. This zoo is spread across 80 acres and also houses more than 4000 animals. You can capture varied species of animals in your lens including wolves, hyenas, polar bears, Asian elephants, and much more.

10.Houston Zoo

This zoological park is stretched across 55 acres of land and also houses more than 6000 animals. You can see various species of animals such as sea lions, mandrills, red pandas, jaguars, and more.

These are the best zoos in the US that let you explore the wildlife with a close distance.

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