4 Signs You May Need to Replace Your Water Well Pressure Tank

If you have a water well pressure tank then you know how great it is to have a natural source of water. However, you are probably aren’t aware of the regular maintenance that goes into these pressure systems.

Unfortunately, for some homeowners, these maintenance procedures go unnoticed and cause a number of issues.

For example, a pressure tank leak can cause serious issues to your water well and property! So keep reading to learn about the common signs of a bad pressure tank!

Higher Than Usual Electricity Bill

If your electricity bill has increased significantly it could mean your pump is clogged or worn out. That’s because when a clogged pump works overtime to transfer water.

A pressure tank leak can also cause an influx in your electricity bill because the pump is also overworking itself to transfer the lost water. However, if your water pump is new and has no clogs, then your problem could be with the check valve.

When this part goes bad, the water flows back into the well from the pressure tank. And when the water and air pressure get too low, the pump will turn on again.

This cycle will continue to repeat itself which causes the pump to run overtime which then raises the electric bill. A pressure tank leak can also cause an influx in your electricity bill because the pump is also overworking itself to transfer the lost water.

Bad Water Pressure

Low water pressure can happen because of many different factors. For starters, a build-up of bacteria in the pipe that leads to the pressure tanks will cause a disturbance in the pressure readings.

Fortunately, you can safely remove the bacteria by using a cleaning solution that will remove all of the bacteria and grime. However, if your water well still has low water pressure then another solution will have to be taken.

For example, an issue with low water pressure can be fixed by changing the pressure switch to increase the pressure. However, only do this if you’re well pumping is intended to work in higher pressures without complications.

Unwanted Air in the Water Pipes

If your faucet has an irregular water flow this could mean you could have issues with your air pressure. Oftentimes, their air becomes trapped and rises up in the water supply system.

Thankfully this has a fairly easy fix. Start by turning on all of your faucets and appliances and letting them run for 10 minutes. This will help the tank cover release bubbles out of the water!

Water Well Pressure Tank Cost

All of these are the top signs of a bad water well pressure tank. But in the case that you’re still having issues then you might need to look into a new tank.

On average, a well water pressure tank costs around $800 to $2,000. However, this does not include any installation prices or future maintenance work.

The Best Water Quality

Now that you know more about issues with a water well pressure tank, you can make the best decision for your home! Always remember to check every possible solution before buying a new tank.

However, if you’ve checked everything to no avail then a new pressure tank may be necessary. If you enjoyed this article, make sure to check out the rest of our website!