5 Fire Safety Measures Your Business Should Implement

All business owners and managers want to keep their employees safe at all times. You not only keep up to code, but implement various fire safety measures for them in case of emergencies. There are few emergencies more deadly than fires, but many businesses do only the bare minimum for fire safety.

Business owners and managers don’t want to be caught off guard if there is a fire situation at work. We put together five fire safety measures you need to implement for your workplace.

These fire safety methods not only create a safer work environment, but also can save you or your employee’s life.

1. Keep Wiring Up to Code

One of the most common causes of workplace fires is faulty electrical wiring. If your business is in an older building or if you notice light bulbs burning out or flickering lights, get an electrician there as soon as possible.

Don’t wait for a problem because it ends up costing you more money and increases the risk of a workplace fire. Have the wiring inspected every few years and if you notice electrical problems, don’t wait to get them fixed.

2. Get Rid of Potential Fuel

We know that businesses and warehouses get filled with boxes, paper and even chemicals that can add fuel to a small fire. Don’t wait to break down boxes and recycle your paper every week.

If a fire does break out, then there is less flammable items for it to use as fuel.

Keep flammable chemicals away from other paper and cardboard products. Dispose of empty cleaning containers as soon as they are depleted to aid in fire prevention.

3. Light It Up Outside

Many states have ordinances that require people to smoke outside. While that protects people on-site from second hand smoke, discarded cigarettes are a leading cause of fire and one of many fire safety tips.

All it takes is one cigarette and a windy day to create a massive fire. If you allow smoking on the premises, then have proper receptacles to keep the used cigarettes from blowing away or come into contact with fuel.

4. Fire Safety Measures Include Proper Equipment

As a business, state and federal laws dictate that you need to stay in compliance with fire safety codes. This can include everything from the number of fire extinguishers on the property to sprinkler systems for fire suppression

You should have the fire equipment tested and inspected regularly. Also, the requirements are the minimum, there is nothing against adding to it for additional safety.

5. Have Fire Drills

If a fire does strike, then employees need to know what to do. You should run fire drills that go over where they should leave, how to get customers out, and the best exits.

Don’t let chaos reign if there is a fire. Check out more fire safety technology info here.

Keep Customers and Employees Safe

Fire safety measures help keep your employees and customers safe when there is an emergency. Without it, there could be injuries and lawsuits that can end your business.

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