5 Reasons Why Businesses Need to Shape an IT Architecture

If you’ve worked in an office setting for any amount of time, you know that technology is one of the foundational aspects to keep operations running smoothly.

You also know how frustrating it is when technology doesn’t work as intended.

Most small businesses operate on a smaller budget that accounts for the basics on the tech side: internet access, a server, computers, phones, & software designed to support your business. While these components are fundamental, as a business grows, it’s critical to evaluate whether these tools still hold up.

Developing an IT architecture may seem unnecessary if you’re not a significantly large enterprise, but if you’re interested in sustainability and growth, it is essential.

Maybe you’re on the fence and still aren’t sure whether or not to budget for an IT upgrade. Here are 5 reasons to consider.

1.Buff Up Security

Are you adequately prepared for a cyber attack? Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, cybercrime has increased by 600%!

It just takes one seemingly small mistake for you and your clients’ privacy to be hijacked.

The average cost for cyber attacks runs well into the millions for businesses across the board. Investing in your IT architecture means putting the right safeguards in place to keep your assets safe.

Evaluating your business technology to ensure it is properly protected must be a top priority.

2.Increase Business Efficiency

Time is money. You may not realize that there are more efficient ways to run your business operations, simply by building a sound IT architecture.

Technology architects are skilled in providing business solutions that eliminate wasted time and spending. They will plan and implement solutions through careful planning that address current and future business functions.

An IT architect may make recommendations from a bird’s eye view of how your business could improve operations, and also suggest upgrades to hardware and software that are more compatible.

3.Employee Engagement

People want to do their job well. Unexpected network latency, hardware malfunctions, etc. increase employee frustrations and decrease job performance.

As a supervisor, manager, or business owner who relies on supportive personnel to run your business, you must be in tune with the needs of your staff.

Developing solid enterprise, solution, and infra architecture not only enables you to better support your team, but your and clients as well.

4.Decrease Excess Spending

How much are you spending to “fix” malfunctioning tech? Internet too slow? Computers mysteriously shutting down mid-process? Does any of this sound familiar to you?

According to a recent poll, close to 100% of organizations say that just a single hour of downtime costs them over $100,000. Establishing an IT architecture keeps you from constantly reacting to technology failures.

Although it may seem like a large expenditure to create enterprise, solution, and infrastructure architecture for your business, you’ll be saving more money in the long term by having a proactive IT strategy in place.


Ultimately, successful businesses are interested in growth. Several factors come into play when it comes to scaling your business. Some of these are forging the right partnerships, building strong employee relationships, and building a strong IT infrastructure.

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Careful planning is key, and without a solid foundation prepared well in advance, you will find yourself scrambling when it’s time to expand.

Solid IT Architecture Means Better Business

You can’t go wrong with investing in your IT architecture. Starting with a plan to synergize your hardware and software technologies will lead to greater business potential.

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