5 Simple Ways to Increase Manufacturing Efficiency

Are you looking to increase the profits of your manufacturing business? One way to do this is to increase the efficiency of your production line. By knowing a few simple methods, you can improve turnaround productivity and profits without huge upfront expenses.

Luckily, these can be done quickly and effectively. Read on for our must-know guide on increasing your manufacturing efficiency.

Review Your Workflow

By understanding how everything is working, you can identify areas for manufacturing efficiency. This involves breaking down your workflow into three key areas. These should be people, manufacturing processes, and equipment.

People should work in the correct area according to their skill set. They should have clearly defined objectives and be part of a visible pathway.

Next, check your processes for efficiency, paying attention to where you have bottlenecks or pain points. Finally, check your equipment to see if upgrades improve the flow.

Eliminate Waste

Waste can cover a multitude of terms, from the waste of employee time to materials. Regardless, any waste adds to your manufacturing costs.

Look at which of your processes create the most waste and see how you can cut down in the short term. If this is not possible, see how they can be recycled or sold to turn this into a revenue stream.

For a long-term solution, identify new equipment for your manufacturing business that will cut down on waste. You may consider outsourcing if you are in an industry that creates a lot of waste, such as electronic manufacturing. For example, you can calculate PCB assembly cost when outsourcing here.

Do Maintenance

Problems in your equipment can reap havoc on manufacturing productivity. If you are working toward a deadline, this can damage your reputation as well as your profit. Scheduling regular maintenance helps avoid these problems and can be done when the plant is quiet or not in full operation.

Improve Training

Make sure you schedule training for all machinery operators when new technology is installed or you take on new staff. You should keep records of training to arrange refresher courses as needed. Finally, invest in your employees so they can advance themselves and gain new skills.

Optimize the Inventory

If you have too much inventory, you risk increasing your plant’s waste if it needs to be used in a time frame. You also need a place to store it, which can result in added warehouse costs.

Too little, and your manufacturing line could grind to a halt. Ordering and counting stock more regularly can eliminate all these problems in one move.

Plan Your Manufacturing Efficiency Changes

To improve manufacturing efficiency, create a schedule to introduce these tips. Start with your workflow review, following it with a schedule to introduce other stages. Finally, assign individual responsibility for tasks to individuals.

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