Career in BA Digital Video Production: How to bag the top jobs

The advent of digitalization has changed the way we look at things. From banking to business, everything expanded online. In all these advancements that took place with the help of the internet, visual representation of things remained the most powerful tool in influencing or connecting to people. Intending to grow more revenues and increase conversion rates, multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat came up with venues to promote video content.

Apart from a source of entertainment, video content became an effective tool for persuading people. Today, most businesses worldwide are online and using video content as a marketing tool. Since it is one of the fastest-growing platforms and presenting innumerable growth opportunities, aspiring entrepreneurs, influencers or video producers can explore BA in digital video production to obtain proficiency in this field.

B.A. Digital Video Production: Course Overview

B.A. Digital Video Production is a three-year full-time graduate degree program focusing on equipping students with a deep understanding of technical skills required to create a professional digital video for various social media platforms. The course trains students on the latest toots for producing, distributing and monetizing media properties on digital media platforms.

Career prospects of B.A. Digital Video Production

Digital Content Creator: These professionals are responsible for creating video content on specific events or occurrences, keeping their target audience in mind. Their video content sends a message or a piece of information to followers on the digital media platforms.

Digital Video Producer: In this job, professionals shoot, produce and edit video content in various aspects for different social media platforms. They collaborate with other media houses or businesses and create digital videos with given scripts within the deadline.

Social Media Entrepreneurs: These are businessmen with a business on social media platforms. They create vlogs or document the whole process and publish it on social media. These entrepreneurs usually record the videos of their work or keep themselves in the frame while doing some work to influence or motivate their followers.

Social Media Influencers: These individuals create engaging content for their followers. Every influencer has their genres such as travel, lifestyle, beauty, fashion or food. Based on their followers’ insights, businesses approach influencers and collaborates with them for promoting their products, ideas or services.

Multimedia Journalist: These journalists create news content keeping facts and figures through incident’s videos, graphs and pie charts. Their content is a complete news package with graphics and subtitles. Their videos are based on the credible news source.

How to bag the top jobs in B.A. Digital Video Production?

  • Firstly, enroll in the B.A. Digital Video Production program to gain an insight into its technical skills and theoretical knowledge.
  •   Make professional accounts on social media platforms.
  •   Create engaging and informative content.
  •   Work on increasing followers.
  •   Collaborate with different brands and businesses.
  •   Earn name, fame and better remuneration.

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Today, video is everywhere and a career in digital video production is quite exciting. To launch your career in this thriving industry, apply to the program today!