Look For Your Essential Set Of Choices for the Cosplay

How to prepare for a cosplay fair? However, if you do not have a valid staff of collaborators you can rely on, take your time, both with the research of materials and in the realization, because problems and unforeseen events are often on the agenda, and look for a certain type of fabric or other material may turn out to be more complicated than expected, taking up valuable time. In short, aim more at a qualitative discourse. Surely you can Buy Cosplay Costumes for the right parties.

What Do You Need To Do To Participate In Cosplay?

Once you arrive on site you will find the reports that will direct you to the registration desk. But very often it is possible to do it directly online by downloading the pre-filled form with the release form to be signed for the shoot.

Each event has its own rules and schedules. Usually, the registrations for the contest close an hour before even if in the case of larger events and with hundreds of competitors the times are shortened the actual development of the competition.

Depending on the organizational method, it is presented in order of registration, or divided between individuals and groups, etc. At the time of registration (single or group), it is good practice to deliver a printed image which normally will not be returned to you of the character you will play, to facilitate the decisions of the jury.

Also at the time of registration, you must indicate your intention to perform any performances with personal backing tracks for which you will have to provide support and other requests of the kind. For the bunny girl senpai costume this is important.

On Stage

Once you are called to the stage you have two options. Take off and position yourself where indicated for the usual photos and then get off. Or propose a performance, which can be of various kinds (dance, singing, acting, gag, parody, mime, etc.) within the time limits assigned to each participant.

The Jury and the Awards

The juries are made up of quite heterogeneous people who, however, gravitate around the world of manga animation. They range from sponsor representatives to comics-anime related magazine editors, organizers and cosplayers themselves etc. in expressing the vote, they take into account various parameters, including the manufacture of the costume, the likeness to the character, and obviously interpretation.

Prizes generally consist of cups, medals, or plaques plus any awards offered by sponsors, while the prize categories are usually the following:

  • Best Male Costume
  • Best Female Costume
  • Best Group
  • Sympathy Award
  • Interpretation Award

But the Best Accessory and the Most Difficult Costume are also often awarded.


To conclude this mini guide to the initiation of cosplay, here is a small tip that may be useful:

Always carry needle and thread with you for last minute tailoring repairs, unfortunately there is always something wrong, or at least some safety pins, double-sided adhesive, hot glue, scissors and anything else that allows you to give a quick fix to a rebellious piece of costume. Do not underestimate the make-up of the character. It is not a detail, but an important aspect, often underestimated.