Energetic Healing – The Best Complementary Therapy

There are several forms of complementary therapies available. Out of the different options we have at our disposal, Energetic Healing is one of the most popular healing techniques. For those who are confused about what exactly is energetic healing, it involves the rejuvenation of your out of balance innate healing power. One of the best sources in opting for Energetic Healing as a complementary therapy is Caring Energetic Healing. Brought forward by Lisa Ohtaras, it would be one of the excellent providers of this non-conventional treatment process.

Energetic Healing – What does that mean?

Well, Energetic Healing is a way to energize the innate healing power of your body. The complementary therapy forms part of the alternative medicine and helps you regain the lost balance in your body energy.

It has been believed for thousands of years that there is an energy field emanating from and around the human body. The imbalance in the energy systems in the body can result in causing diseases. An Energetic Healing Practitioner finds if there are any issues in the energy balance of the patient, and then sets out to restore the natural healing processes within your body.

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Caring Energetic Healing believes that the cure remains within us and the person suffering from any disease just needs the assistance from the energetic healing practitioner to let the patient understand his/her growth opportunities.

Caring Energetic Healing – A pioneer in the field

Lisa Ohtaras is a popular Energetic healer. She has developed Caring Energetic Healing as one of the leading Complementary Therapy firm.

Energetic Healing comprises a few modalities that the practitioners use quite often. Some of the madalities that Lisa specialises include Reiki, Angelic Healing, Energy Clearing and Crystal Therapy.

Reiki Therapy – Reiki refers to an ancient concept of life force energy that can be used for reducing stress, and promote the feeling of wellbeing. The therapy needs to be administered through a Reiki Practitioner. A Reiki Practitioner, in turn, is attuned to Reiki energy by a Reiki Master. Lisa is a certified Reiki master.

Energy Clearing – Energy Clearing indicates clearing the blocked energy. It is aimed at freeing negative energy from the body. The way a person responds to energy clearing therapy depends upon his history, emotions, and experience. It also clears the ancestral influences and karmic debts.

Crystal Therapy
Crystal and gems have long been used in healing. Different crystals have different healing effects. The major fields where crystals can be helpful include restoring the energy balance and stimulating the free flow of positive energy. Crystal therapy is generally used to augment the healing effects of other treatment processes.

Angelic Healing – Angels are the messengers of the divine being. The angelic healing helps in expanding the horizons of consciousness. It can be useful in getting rid of the trauma – be it in body, mind, spirit or soul. Angelic healing can be a great source of resolving long-standing stress issues.

Pricing and Plans

Caring Energetic Healing offers sessions across all the above methodologies. They have two plans. You can opt for the one that suits your needs.
Plan 1
This will cost you $ 150 AUD. The sessions will be of 60 minutes duration. You can choose any one of the following methodologies –

  • Energetic Healing session
  • Angelic intuitive guidance session
  • Spiritual education session

Plan 2
This plan will have a duration of 90 minutes. The charges for the same would be $ 220 AUD. Choice of methodologies would be the similar to above plan.

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The Concluding Thoughts

The energetic Healing has been gaining popularity in today’s stressful society. However, it should be noted that the techniques should be used only as a complementary therapy. We would not recommend opting for it as a standalone treatment. Besides, the effects of complementary therapies will differ from person to person. It depends upon the experience and the aura of a person. Combined with regular treatments, energetic healing can lend a helping hand in curing the diseases.

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