How to Boost Your Personal Branding

Personal Branding. Does it matter?

Yes,  Personal Branding matter a lot. You can measure your success with your branding.  Amazon CEO and founder Jeff Bezos once said,Your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room.

If someone is praising you in front of you and abusing you on the back side, then you don’t have a good branding. This is true, and you can not stop them to express their views about yourself which can damage your business. So this is the big reason why you need personal branding for you and your business.

So now the question is, how you can improve your personal branding? It is not a so tough task but boosting your branding is a tricky task. You need to follow some tricks to build your brand value and reputation.

Tips to Improve Your Personal Branding

Define Your Brand

The most important factor for your personal branding is the identifying what you are?  The characteristics and qualities that comprise who you are are exactly what you should use to build your brand. You need to find the answers to following questions.

  • Why are you unique in the market?
  • What are you passion about?
  • What makes you the compelling?
  • What are your key strengths?

Even after getting all these answers, you are not able to define your personal brand, get some suggestion from your close ones. Ask them what they like in you. And what they think, what you can do.

Be Active on Social Media

Social Media is the best platform to get highlighted among your targeted audience. You just need to know how to utilize social media for your personal branding. Your personal Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and even Google+ accounts have a strong likelihood of appearing in a prominent position on Google’s search results for your name. So you just need to be active on these all.

Keep in mind that in social media, timing plays a vital role in reaching out big audience. So stick to the time. First, conduct research that which is your targeted audience and what time they mostly use social media.

One more thing, post only what your audience love. Try to engage them with your posts and never irritate them with shitty stuff. Maintain high quality.

Offer Something for Free

Is there any who don’t love freebies? I don’t think there is anyone. So it is the best way to provide something for free. But keep in mind that offer freebies, if it doesn’t cost you. If it is costly, charge it.

This is the best way to develop your mailing list. Just write a free ebook, or develop a free product and offer it to your audience. This will not only help you to build you audience, but it will also help you to increase your presence online.

Ask For Feedback

If you are providing a free product to your audience and it is valuable to them. Everyone will love to give their feedback. So ask them for their feedback. By this way, you will open a door for interacting with you potential customers, and you can know what they think about you and your product. This will help you to improve you personal branding. It will leave an image of you in your audience’s mind.

Manage Your online Entities Properly

Today, everything is online. If you want to shop something, you buy online. If you want to interact with the shopper, you do it online. So you need to manage all your online entities like Social media profiles, Websites, Blogs, etc.

Especially you need to keep any eye on, what your audience is saying or writing about you on social media or other online media. If anything is happening wrong, you need to remove or push back those negative reviews or hate websites from the search engine.

Provide Best in the Industry

If you want to build the high personal brand, then you can just make with a simple trick. Just provide better than your competitors. I am not just telling about the products, and it also includes you social media activities, you messages, your online and offline public appearance and much more. You need to build your strong reputation among the public which leads to perfect personal branding.

Offer Help or Guides

This is a common trick. See, if you are sticking with any problem and you are looking for any help or guide and that moment, I help you and solve your problem with my skill, you can not leave the desk without saying thanks. And you will keep me in your mind forever. And again when your friend needs some help of the guide, you will surely recommend me.

By this way, I get a brand ambassador without paying anything. So helping hands can make you’re a brand. So this is the best way to strengthen your personal branding. In one of my guest post, I wrote a quote. Just check it.

Do an AMA

Get on sites like Reddit and Quora to answer questions, offer your expertise and establish your authority. The high ranking bookmarking sites are a beehive of activity for niche personal brand builders. This will help you to build a strong brand value. But keep in mind offer according to your expertise so you can give correct answers which can help your audience.

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