How to Choose an Industrial Vacuum

Having a clean office can increase your employee’s mood and give them a boost of productivity. A clean environment is a healthy environment. By keeping things tidy, you’ll reduce the number of sick days that your employees have to take.

There are many things that you need to have to achieve a clean enough office space. One of these things is an industrial vacuum.

With all the different models and sizes out there, buying the right one isn’t as easy as it seems. There’s a lot that you have to look out for.

Check out this shopping guide to figure out how to get the best professional cleaning machine for your space.

Motor Size

The first thing to look at with any industrial vacuums is the motor size. Smaller vacuums use something called a single-stage motor. This means that all the air coming into the vacuum is responsible for sucking up dirt and cooling the motor.

It’s a lot of work to put on one little machine, so it’s not going to last for too long before you have to buy a new one. The performance won’t be anything to write home about either. It’s better to get a two-stage motor at least.

How Much Can the Tank Hold?

The tank’s capacity is a measure of how much a vacuum can hold before your staff member has to empty it. The smaller the bag, the less productive the worker can be.

This means that you need to spring for the largest tank that you can. This way, your employee doesn’t have to spend most of their shift emptying it.

Power Source

An industrial vacuum cleaner comes in cordless and non-cordless models. There are pros and cons of both. With cord machines, you’re not limited to battery life when you’re cleaning. An optical fiber feedthrough can help you keep your cord organized so you don’t run over it with the machine.

That’s the main benefit of the cordless vacuum. You don’t have to worry about yanking the plug out of the outlet or damaging it by running over it.


The lift is a measure of how much dirt and debris the machine can pull out of the surface of the carpet. The higher the lift, the more effective the vacuum is going to be.


Choosing a lightweight vacuum that’s easy to handle can stave off workplace injuries. It’s about as important as standing desks and comfortable chairs.

You don’t want the machine to put too much stress on the user’s wrists and arms.

Choosing the Best Industrial Vacuum for You

There’s almost nothing more important than making sure you clean your office. Doing so will keep sick days away and increase your employee’s productivity.

The main source of allergens is your carpet. You need a powerful industrial vacuum to pull out dirt and debris. We hope that you’re able to start your shopping trip using pointers that you’ve read here.

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