How Your SEO Strategy Benefits From AI

Artificial intelligence is moving into all avenues of technology, including your Search Engine Optimization strategy. AI is the programming of computers to make predictions based on large amounts of data. This data can come from any number of sources – like internet searches. Here are some ways to optimize your SEO strategy and take advantage of advances in AI.

Speak Naturally

Between AI and virtual assistants, the use of voice searches is increasing. Expect that number to keep going up. Many SEO consultants are modifying their keyword strategies to include questions or statements. Queries must reflect the way we speak. When typing into a search bar, people use phrases, remove articles and avoid punctuation. When using a voice search, they use complete sentences and voice inflection. AI can deduce the meaning behind a question, learn to recognize idioms, and filter out filler words.

Incorporate More Photos

Search engines allow you to search for an item, logo, or design based on an image. Those searches can originate from saved pictures on your device or photos taken with your cell phone. Include images of your product and logo on your website and in your content. Don’t forget to include keyword details in your alternative text – the description of your image that search engines currently use for adaptive technology.

Broaden Your Horizon

As users enter queries across the globe, the ability to analyze them in real-time means search engine results will be more accurate. Search engines will process data based on an individual’s previous queries, learning about the end user to give more tailored results.

Create Longer Articles

SEO consultants will demand longer articles that provide more informational content. Lead nurturing programs encourage long-term relationships with customers by providing helpful, accurate information. Customers learn to trust your company and return for additional information. When content is longer, you increase your opportunity to have material that will attract and retain your customer’s attention.

Develop More Content

As data is processed faster, there will be increased demand for up-to-date content. While you may try to turn to AI to generate more content, search engines will likely recognize the more robust material researched, written, and edited by people. Avoid simply trying to dump information onto the market. While you want more content items, you will need to increase the level of engagement each article provides.

Using these strategies increases your online presence and helps your customers learn to trust your company.