Know Your External Vape Batteries

An external vape battery is merely a battery that is not in-built in your device or mod. Just like standard batteries, external vape batteries have a positive and negative terminal. The terminals allow a current to flow through them. The most widely used vaping battery size is the 18650. Despite the variation in the proportions, they all have the same design and serve the same purpose.

The most crucial thing to note is which end is positive and which is negative. This is an effortless task since both terminals are uniquely designed. The negative terminal is flat while the positive terminal is slightly raised at the center and also has an inset ring in the body just below it.

Comparison Between In-Built and External Vape Batteries

External vape batteries lengthen the durability of your mod, something that is not done by in-built batteries.

In case the external battery you are using has a low charge, you can exchange it with charged batteries and continue vaping, but for in-built, you have to stop and charge the battery.

External vape batteries allow you to choose your favorable battery, depending on factors like cost and durability. In-built batteries do not give such an opportunity.

In-built batteries are more comfortable to use compared to external vape batteries.

Before you buy an external vape battery for your epuffer, you must know the battery size required by the device while for in-built capacity does not matter.

For an in-built battery, compatibility is guaranteed while for external vape batteries it is not a guarantee that the battery will be compatible with your mod.

How They Work

An external vape battery works just like any other battery. The primary purpose of a cell is to convert chemical energy into electrical energy that will be used by your device. As earlier mentioned, an external vape battery has two terminals. The two terminals represent the two electrodes available, where the positive terminal is the cathode, and the negative terminal is the anode.

A battery also has an electrolyte. The purpose of the electrolyte is to conduct an electric current and to separate the cathode from the anode. The anode of many batteries is usually made of silicon, graphite or lithium. The material used to make the cathode gives the battery unique qualities.

The substance used in making external vape batteries is identified using designated letters. For example, “lCR”or “lMR,” where l represents lithium and R represents rechargeable. Other notes include C for cobalt, F for iron, M for manganese, and N for a nickel.

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IMR only allows the flow of minimal current; therefore, its internal temperature does not increase significantly. This fact makes IMR safer than ICR, since ICR enables the flow of a large amount of current and should be used with additional circuitry.

Sizes of External Vape Batteries

A standard is a measurement or a quality that is accepted worldwide by manufacturers. For vape batteries, the standard is 18650 which has a diameter of 18mm and a height of 32mm. The first two digits represent the diameter of the cell. Other sizes include 26650, 18650 and 18350.