Nucleic acid extraction – technology and applications

Growing technology has been aiding every walk of our life. How can the medicine field be left off? In fact, usage of technology in the medical sciences is of much importance because it helps us in bettering the life expectancy and getting rid of a few life threatening health conditions.  DNA Extraction or Nucleic Acid Extraction is one such area that has witnessed enormous growth in terms of technological advancement.

What is Nucleic Acid Extraction?

Well, the terms being used here in this article may not be understood because of the technical jargon involved. However, we would attempt to keep the explanation as simple as possible.

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Nucleic Acid Extraction techniques are used in DNA isolation. It involves processing DNA from different sources. There are several methods used in isolation of DNA and these would depend upon source of the sample, age and size. There are several methods you can use to extract the DNA of its constituents. The basic principle is to separate the DNA from the from the nucleus.

Why is it important to extract DNA?

DNA plays an important role in many applications. Some of the worthy mentions would be medicine and forensic sciences. There are several fields that DNA extraction and Nucleic Acid Extraction can be useful.

One of the important aspects of Nucleic Acid Extraction would be in the Genetic Testing. It is normally used scientific, medical and forensic sciences. You can also use the technology in introducing the DNA into cells of animals and plants.

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In the field of medicine, DNA extraction plays an important role in diagnostics.  In case of forensic sciences, it assumes even greater proportions. It can be used in identifying the individuals. This can be much helpful in cases of thieves, rape cases, accidents and war victims. The Nucleic Extraction can also be used in paternity identification.

How to extract Nucleic Acids?

Well, there are many kits that automate the process of Nucleic acid extraction. The procedure involves a few stages which include DNA Isolation, RNA isolation, Nucleic acid sampling and fragment clean-up. You can opt for a good Automated Nucleic acid Extraction System to aid you in an effective extraction process. Given the fact that Nucleic Acid Extraction and DNA extraction techniques are turning into a routine procedure in molecular biology and forensic sciences, it is of much importance to pay attention to the efficiency of the extraction system you have chosen for your needs. Extraction of DNA and Nucleic Acids is a complicated procedure. An automated solution for these needs can be an excellent option.

The Final Thoughts

Nucleic Acid Extraction is what has changed medical sciences and the forensics in more ways than one. The process is quite complicated the details of which are beyond the scope of this article. An automated system will ensure that no step will be missed by human error.

However, we would advise you to go for a system that helps you get a proper yield of the DNA sample in addition to improving the quality of the DNA, or Nucleic Acid extracted. Opting for a well-known and efficient extraction system would always be helpful.


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