Top 10 Camera Apps for iPhone

The iPhone has the best camera and claims to be the best in terms of photography. The default camera app is impressive enough and packs in a huge load of goodies. The camera app is simple, reliable and easily accessible. It does come with several advanced modes and features that make it a perfect companion for photography requirements.  Even then, you may be looking for a good alternative in terms of the camera performance. Thankfully, iOS has opened up the camera interface for the third party app developers, and that has been the major reason for the growing number of third-party camera apps for iPhone. Let us examine the best top ten camera apps for iPhone.

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Best and Top 10 Camera Apps for iPhone and for iOS

The choice of perfect camera app will depend upon what you are looking for with respect to your requirements. We assume the list we are going to compile here will meet the needs of almost all types of iPhone users.

In fact, you can consider it to be more of a photo editor tan just a camera app.  It also excels with its great set of filters.  The camera app comes with plenty of manual controls. The filters that provide you film like editing ability is what we liked the most on VSCO.

Pronounced Visco, the app has the best in class manual controls. However, please note that you need to take care to handle the camera steady. Do remember that you are using your iPhone camera as a DSLR when you are on manual controls.

The free to download camera app is meant to be the perfect one if you are just foraying into the third party camera apps on your iPhone. Just head over to VSCO iTunes Download page to access the application.

It is one of the long-standing camera apps for iPhone. It has seen consistent improvement through updates over the years and has been quite popular with camera buffs.

If you are a professional photographer, Camera+ can be the best choice for you. It lets you focus on your object quite faster. The app comes with a good deal of manual controls for Focus, White Balance and Exposure.

Some of the features that make it a better option include a huge list of shooting modes, 6X Zoom, and Touch Focus. The application has so many features that it may not be easy to fathom all the good things at once. It would be practical to try each of the features and master it and then move on to the next option.

Get it from the official link at Camera+

Well, the name itself indicates what exactly the app is up to. If manual controls are what you are looking for, then Manual is definitely what you should opt for.

You can change the shutter speed, exposure and ISO with ease. The application has an impressive and simple user interface. You can seamlessly move to and fro between Automatic and Manual control with ease. The app lets you save your images in the RAW, or JPG format. RAW format ensures that you get high quality of images.

It should be noted that RAW images take up more space on your phone and you may need to edit the images to save your precious memory. Manual has a special focus tool. The manual focusing would be the best for good quality of your final products.

Get it from the official link at Manual Custom Exposure Camera

ProCamera has been receiving regular updates over time. The version 10 is the latest as of now. It offers you an excellent control over your camera performance.

The app features several excellent options for you. Apart from manual controls for the primary parameters, Pro Camera has other advanced features as well. Some of the worth mentioning would be a live Histogram, the Anti-Shake feature, and RAW capture.It can be helpful to use the anti-shake mode while taking images in low light.

Pro Camera is the ultimate option when it comes to a perfect camera on an iPhone. Some of the best features would be over 70 different filters and effects, burst mode, and advanced editing control. Pro Camera supports batch sharing of photographs and easy upload the images on social media sites.

Get it from the official link at ProCamera10

Inexpensive, yet the powerful third party camera app on iPhone is an excellent option for low light photography experience. It works it out by shooting multiple images and then combining them into a single shot.

It does not offer you any huge list of additional features. Rather than the shots taken using the camera, it is the power of processing that makes Cortex Camera a force to reckon with. The Cortex Camera takes multiple shots of the same shutter operation. It then lines up all the photos and removes any kind of movement of the camera. All the images are then merged together to form a single image.

Apart from the high-end quality, it offers you with the low light shots, you can also use it for long exposure shots during the day time too.

Get it from the official link at Cortex Camera

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Obscura Camera is the one that helps you have better and faster adjustments. If you are someone who wants to have a complete control over the settings, this would be the best option you can go for.

In fact, Obscura Camera comes with One Click option for accessing and controlling the focus and exposure. The complete app can be handled with swipes and taps. That would mean you do not need to go into complex settings to access any of the controls. Gestures and touch controls do it all.

Yes, the app will need a little sharper learning curve. Since it has several features packed into one, you will need to go through a training session. Once you get used to the app, we are sure that you will not leave Obscura Camera.

Get it from the official link at Obsura Camera

Retrica can be one of the best options as long as third party camera apps for iPhones are concerned. There are no controls here on the app. Rather than shooting new images, Retrica focusses on improving the shots you have already taken.

The application provides you over 80 filters. In fact, Retrica focusses on vintage filters. You can apply the filter before you take the shots – that means your shots will come up with the selected effects and filters. However, you can apply the filters after the shot is taken as well.

You can also create photo collages with Retrica. The app lets you create hundreds of images, videos, and GIFs quite easily. The app provides you with multiple capabilities with respect to multi shots.

Get it from the official link at Retrica – Selfie Camera with Filter, Sticker & GIF

Hydra is a perfect camera app meant for the conditions where there is no enough lighting. The best in class HDR functionality and best performance in low light are the two features that set Hydra apart from the competition.

Hydra also comes with a special low-light mode which helps you get better shots even when the lighting is not so perfect. In fact, the mode takes a series of photos and then overlaps them and thus improves the light factor.

Another feature that makes it a great camera app for your iPhone can be attributed to the dedicated HDR mode that the app offers you. The HDR mode converts your photos into some great shots. There is a real-time zoom available which does not stutter and thereby can be good while shooting videos.

Hydra lets you take high-quality shots of up to 32 MP. There is an Apple Watch companion from the developers.

Get it from the official link at Hydra – Amazing Photography

If you a professional photographer, and own an iPhone – ProShot is a perfect camera app for your requirements. It offers you a literally lengthy list of advanced features.

It comes with an impressive and perfect list of manual controls. The modes it offers you, especially for shooting videos, runs so lengthy list that we may need to compose a dedicated article for the purpose. One of the features that are worthy of mention can be advanced controls it provides for exposure, ISO, shutter, and White balance.

The interface of the camera app is quite cleaner and clutter free. Actually, the app offers you a huge list of various effects and filters, yet – none of those settings tend to be intrusive in any way. That would help you use the viewfinder to its fullest.

Get it from the official link at ProShot – RAW, DSLR Controls & Video

This is one of the best options for taking professional quality snaps on your iPhone. If you are into long exposure photography, we would recommend you go for Slow Shutter Cam.

The app offers you three capture modes – Motion Blur, Light Trail and Low Light. The Motion Blur option adds a blur to show the movement in your shots. For instance, motion blur mode used with a shot of a waterfall can be an excellent masterpiece. Light Trail is a mode you can use to capture the movement of light. The mode can be best for capturing fireworks. The third mode, Low Light is self-explanatory. It captures light from as many available sources as possible and sends them to your camera sensor. This will ensure that you will end up with the best shots even in low light conditions.

If creativity is your forte, then Slow Shutter Cam is the best companion you can have. The modes we explained above are indeed best suited for diverse conditions.

Get it from the official link at Slow Shutter Cam

The Final Words

That was our top ten list for some best third party camera apps for iPhone. We have made an attempt to include the apps that would suit all the requirements that people with individual tastes may have. We are sure you will pinpoint one or two apps featured in the above list and opt for them.

If you are using any of the iPhone camera apps featured here above, we will welcome you to share your views with us. Which is your favorite camera app for your shiny iPhone? Share your views with us.