Top Benefits of Using Online Website and Backlink Checking Tool

Backlinks are among the important and most crucial variable that determines your sites on-line success. Therefore it’s obviously preferable to have a wholesome amount of backlinks for your website really. The backlinks additionally should be from quality, useful as well as great internet sites, otherwise, your site might not get help and may lose its standing.

It’s a tiresome job to monitor your backlinks, and you’re not able to dismiss it as you must have a watch in your backlinks. You should test your backlinks to learn whether your link building effort is working to the expectations, whether you are being linked to by any poor websites, how many you are being linked to by power sites etc. There are free tools like Contentwiki for assessing your backlinks and lots of paid, and they’ve sharp edges based upon your demand.


Quake is just another reliable Firefox Addon which allows you to get the number of backlinks to your website. Similar to WebRank Addons, this can also be simple to set up and use.

WebRank Toolbar

This is a Firefox Addon to test your site’s backlinks and shows backlinks as per Google, Bing, and Yahoo. You should just open any website after you install this Addon in your browser and it is possible to view the backlink details in the browser. This toolbar also gives you pages and Google Pagerank, Alexa, Compete and Quantcast Status.

It is relatively a new online tool in the market. Though it offers interesting insights on links, HTML source, and complete site analysis as required by the webmaster.


SEOCentro is a web-based application for assessing your backlink popularity, and also this program gives you results from Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc. and send you the report via e-mail.


Backlinkwatch is an on-line backlink checker and offers you the absolute amount of backlinks your website has got. It give added info like the anchor text useful for linking, the PR of the site providing the link, how many links on the page offering the backlink as well as the kind of the backlink (follow or no follow)

You simply need to get into your website details, and Yahoo will show a number of backlinks your website has got to you.

You only need to get a Google Webmaster account so that you can see the backlink results, as well as your website, should be checked together with the Webmaster account.

Most websites contain dynamic content and today have less than 15 pages. Unless you’ve got a website with more than 20 pages, or an e-commerce shop where someone needs to locate a particular product, it’s simple and work out in the site structure.

The plugins are even less complicated to install and easy to find. Improvement is a great thing, although I miss the old days of constructing my own. In this instance, one less thing you need to concern yourself with.