What do I need to know when traveling to Berlin?

Berlin is a city of mystery, a city that poses more questions than it answers. What is it like to live in Berlin? What attracts countless streams of creative people from all over the world? How does a city, every part of which is filled with history, keep discovering itself all the time? We don’t know the answers to all these questions, but what we do know is that you absolutely must visit Berlin!

traveling to Berlin

You can fully appreciate the charm and uniqueness of the architecture of the metropolis by ordering the service “coach hire Berlin“. Coach hire allows you to explore the most beautiful corners of the city at your own pace. Berlin is a great destination for a weekend trip as well as for a whole week.  6 reasons to go to Berlin:

  1. Lots of sights to suit all tastes and wallets. Yes, there are no ancient courtyards and medieval cozy streets, but there are wide avenues, a modern TV tower, lots of museums and huge shopping centers. The main attractions can be seen in 1-2 days, but for a week and it is impossible to get bored, there will always remain something to see more.
  2. Developed public transport. You buy a pass for the right number of days and travel between districts without any problems.
  3. It’s interesting not only in summer, but also in winter. Especially in December, when the Christmas fairs open.
  4. Many free attractions, so even the budget tourist will have something to do.
  5. Inexpensive airfare.

Attractions in Berlin

A famous sight in the German capital is the Brandenburg Gate, the only surviving city gate of Berlin. They were built in 1791, modeled on the Acropolis in Athens. During its long life, it has been destroyed and restored many times. The gate is crowned with a sculpture of the goddess Victoria, which symbolizes the victory and unity of the country.

Brandenburg Gate, Berlin. Here, in the Mitte district, is Berlin’s main square, Alexanderplatz. It was named in honor of the Russian Emperor Alexander I. Every day Alex (as the citizens call the area) is visited by more than 350 thousand people. Near the square is a TV tower, where there is a beautiful viewing platform. If you climb it, you can look at Berlin from a bird’s eye view and see the very difference between the western and eastern parts of the city.While walking around Berlin, visit the famous Unter den Linden. In German, the name of the boulevard is translated as “underneath the lindens”. There are more than a thousand linden and walnut trees. The elegant street runs from the Paris Square to the Palace Bridge. On it there are many stores, banks, beautiful old mansions and super modern buildings. Tourists should also take a look at the Berlin State Opera and Berlin’s oldest Humboldt University, where Hegel studied.

 Humboldt University Berlin. History buffs should not miss Museum Island. There are the late 19th century Old and New Museums as well as the Old National Gallery, the Bode Museum, and the Pergamon Museum. Conveniently, you can buy a single ticket to visit all the museums and take your time going around one by one.

Berlin Cathedral, Berlin. Berlin Cathedral is another must-see item in Berlin. It is the largest Protestant church in the country. The cathedral building is astonishing in its scale and grandeur.On Potsdamer Platz is the famous Film Museum. Here every year in February is held the Berlin Film Festival. Museum is very original. All rooms are decorated with mirrors and equipped with huge screens, which are on black and white films.

Once in Berlin, it is worth looking into Treptow Park to see the famous monument to the warrior-liberator who saved the German girl. This is a symbol of the victory of the Soviet people in World War II and the liberation from fascism. And of course, traveling to Berlin with kids, check out Berlin Zoo, one of the largest in the world.You can see all of these wonderful places with the help of charter bus services provided by bcs-bus.com.