10 Weird Selfies Ever Taken – #2 #5 & 9th Are Hilarious

In this digital era, everyone is busy in taking weird selfies and want to take attention of their friends by posting these selfies on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram the most popular one. You can’t believe that Oxford Dictionary awarded Selfie as most popular words in 2013.

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In this article, I am going to share some weird selfies that ever taken and are viral on the Internet. I was so surprised that this type of peoples also exists on the earth. LOL 😛

So now without wasting your time, let me share these weird selfies with you. Don’t forget to share your expression in the comment section after seeing these weird selfies.

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I don’t think, there is anyone more talented than this girl

I am not sure what she is trying to do but I am sure there is no anyone more talented than this girl for taking this strange selfie.

Ah! It is changed. God Bless this Mirror

Hope She Will Eat This Banana

Height Of Selfie’sm

Why Can’t she find another place to took a selfie?

Weirdest advert for Gilette ever?

One bad click is enough to ruin your selfie


Selfie Gone Horny


A little bit confused that what she is trying to capture

Oh Yeah!!! I have also Six Pack but Just hide with a little bit fat