What Is a Solar Eclipse: Know All about It

A solar eclipse is a common phenomenon in the universe; you will have the opportunity to see it in your life at least once. Have you ever seen a solar eclipse, or do you know about the eclipse journey? If you don’t know, the article is for you because it shows the basic thing about the solar way.

I always had some fascination about astrology, making me interested about both lunar eclipse &solar eclipse. However, I also watched all types of solar eclipses & enjoyed all of them.

Anyway, let’s sort out the basic queries that people have about solar eclipse here; are you ready?

What Is a Solar Eclipse & Why Does It Occur?

A solar eclipse is when the Earth catches the moon’s shadow & that is visible on the Sun; that means you can visualize a solar eclipse only during the day. Anyway, if the sun gets shadowed in your area during the nighttime, you will miss the opportunity to witness the incident.

However, it only occurs when the Earth, moon, & Sun comes in a straightline; the eclipse tour refers to the fact that the three things while circling their own orbits come to align. You will find solar eclipses at least two or three times a year no matter which type of eclipse they are.

Describe the Types of Solar Eclipse

Though solar eclipse is a common thing of the universe, you will find many varieties in the eclipse types; the total & partial solar eclipses are mostly seen. Let’s see the types & briefly know about their basics.

  1. Total Solar Eclipse

It is a rare incident that happens; it’s because the Sun, Moon, & Earth rarely comes to a perfect straight-line. The moon’s shadow completely covers the Sun & the people on Earth can see the dark complexion only. Some total solar eclipse also depends on the geographical position of a place. If you have missed the previous total solar eclipse then don’t miss the solar eclipse 2022.

A total eclipse in Africa or America can be seen in Asia as a partial one; the reason is the moon casts two shades on the Sun- a lighter shadow & a darker shade.

  1. Partial Solar Eclipse

This type of eclipse occurs when three of the things are almost in the same line, but not exactly in the aligned position. Here, you will see some area (largest or smallest) is covered with the shadow & some part is not; moreover, the shape seems to be uneven.

It is the main type of solar eclipse, & partial ones can be visible from any part of the world if it’s not dark or cloudy.

  1. Annular Solar Eclipse

Annular eclipse looks pretty nice because the shadow & sunlight creates a look like a bangle or a ring; that means it’s somewhat like a total & a partial eclipse. The shadow covers evenly around the Sun’s centre, but leaves some part uncover.

Anyway, this type of solar eclipse also specifies the moon’s position on its orbital because this occurs only when the moon is farthest from the Earth. However, it may take 18-20 months for the moon to go very away from the planet.

Many scientific organizations, including NASA always observe the positions of everything including the moon & Sun; therefore, they analyse every eclipse that occurs. If you check the lunar & solar calendars on internet, you will see the predicted times of a year when an eclipse will take place.

Is It Okay to Watch Solar Eclipse Bare Eyes?

According to experts, there is no harm to watch a lunar eclipse with bare eyes, but it’s not the same about solar eclipses. Some of the sunrays are harmful to human eyes, especially during eclipse time, because the rays can cause great damage to the eyes during eclipse.

Therefore, you should wear glasses or take protection layers over your eyes rather than watching the phenomenon directly. Well, you can watch the total solar eclipse directly when the Sun is in the covered phase.


Please don’t be afraid about solar eclipse & never believe the myths about it because it has scientific explanation; whereas, people used to think that eclipse has some supernatural background & it’s a bad omen.

However, you can find out the upcoming solar eclipse that you can witness from your global area & which type it is, but don’t forget to take protection before watching it.