Why is Germany the perfect place to study abroad?

For the past several years, Germany has been a favourite destination for students who wish to study masters abroad. A large chunk of students lands in Germany every year to achieve their goals. A significant reason behind the attraction of several students towards Germany is its education policy. The quality of education in Germany is another major reason among international students. Considering studying for a master’s in Germany will be thebest decision for students looking for growth in a safe and friendly environment.

How many international students are there in Germany?

As per the WissenschaftWeltoffen report, Germany witnessed a growth of 6% in the number of international students in the academic session 2019-2020. The report released by the German Academic Exchange Service and the German Centre for Higher Education Research and Science Studies shows that the number of students was around 320,000 who came from abroad to pursue higher education in Germany. Notably, most of the students who came to Germany were from China and India, the report suggests.

Surprisingly, Germany did not see a decline in footfall even during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Why is Germany popular among international students?

Just like you, several students are attracted to Germany due to its rich history and robust economy. Also, in 2014, the Government of Germany has waived off the tuition fees in public universities and colleges. However, the tuition fees in private educational institutions are negligible. The German Government believes that education is a necessity and everyone must have access to it. Thus, colleges and universities in Germany charge a small amount of administration and miscellaneous fees from students.

What makes Germany a perfect place to study abroad?

There are manifold reasons that make Germany a perfect place to study abroad. Today, we will talk about the significant reasons in this blog.

  1. Relatively lower tuition fees: Germany charges less from students than universities in the US, UK or Canada. Thanks to the German Government for making it an affordable country for students to study higher education.
  2. Standard of education quality: The quality of education offered in Germany’s colleges and universities are above the UK, US, and Canada standards. In a nutshell, German universities provide top-quality education.
  3. Wide range of programmes: Universities in Germany have a wide range of courses to offer to students looking for higher education. Students also get opportunities to learn the German language. However, the educational material is provided both in the English and German languages.
  4. Job opportunities: The universities in Germany offer an additional benefit to students in the form of work along with study. It means that students who wish to earn can work after studies.
  5. Work Permit: After completing the programme, Germany also allows students to stay in the nation for up to 18 months to find jobs related to study.

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If you are planning to pursue higher education abroad, Germany is the best destination to put an end to your search. So, what are you waiting for? Apply to the course of your interest today!