Why Cat Crazy in Nickelodeon’s ‘Victorious’? Truth Revealed

Nickelodeon is a famous American pay television channel that views various series sitcoms, kids’ shows, educational content, and other shows since 1977. This channel keeps the public engrossed by streaming series after series.

The show is famous amongst the viewers of different age groups for the different series that they provide. The different shows on this channel have an adorable cast, inspiring storyline, and many other reasons for binge-watching.

The different genres of programs broadcasted on Nickelodeon include animated, comedy, drama, action, game shows, and many other variety programs. It never allows their viewers to become sad.

One of the series that is mostly watched by the viewers is the show ‘Victorious’ and the question “Why was cat crazy in Victorious?” kept viewers engrossed in the series. This series has won millions of hearts due to its engaging cast and catchy plot.

About the show ‘Victorious’:

Victorious is a famous American sitcom aired on the Nickelodeon channel. This show was created by Dan Schneider and was aired during the period 27th March 2010 to 2nd February 2013. The name of this series is stylized as VICTORiOUS as the story revolves around an aspiring singer named Tori Vega.

She is a teenager attending the performing arts high school names Hollywood Arts HighSchool. The series was premiered after the 2019 Kids’ choice awards and won the award for the favorite TV show at the 2012 Kids’ Choice Awards. This series earned four nominations at Emmy.

Different characters in victorious series:

The series had four seasons having a total of 57 episodes. There are very different characters that were involved in the various seasons of this series. The lead character of the series was Tori Vega played by Victoria Justice.

The other characters of the series are Tori’s group of friends. All these characters had very different features that made them likable.

The lead characters included:

  • The musical prodigy Andre Harries played by Leon Thomas III,
  • The socially awkward Robbie Shapiro played by Matt Bennett with his ventriloquist dummy puppet Rex that he always carried with him,
  • A sweet but dim-witted red-head Cat Valentine portrayed by Ariana Grande,
  • Sarcastic and mean Jade West played by Elizabeth Gillies who is a frenemy of Tori,
  • Jade’s boyfriend has a down-to-earth nature Beck Oliver played by Avan Jogia and
  • Tori’s self-absorbed and untalented elder sister Trina played by Daniella Monet.

Why was cat crazy in Victorious?

All the different characters in the series played a unique role and were different from each other. The character of Cat Valentine was the animated and funniest character in the series. The character gained popularity in the series because of her drawn personality. She was one of the most stylish characters in the series.

The most eye-catching feature of Cat was her dyed red hair. The character was erratic but at the same time active. The qualities of Cat that were liked by most of the viewers were that she was an empathetic person having a very big heart, gracious and lenient.

It is always an arguable question, “Why was Cat crazy in Victorious?” as the actress was always the most caring person when compared with all other cast involved in that particular series. However, she can become an opposite person at any moment if the situation demands.

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She had a tendency of losing her temper very easily and getting angry. In this series, from time to time, she acted like a dim-witted person. The series background mentioned that Cat’s brother suffered from some mental health issues and also her parents were not so loving and caring guardians. This situation explains the reason for her erratic behavior.

Many times she showed some signs and traits that suggest she has some bipolar disorder. This may be the reason as she might have gone through traumatic or stressful events in the past.

IT is also said that Cat was aloof as she was suffering from emotional abuse from her brother. She was using the anti-depressants that made her perky and caused her to revert to a childlike state that helped her cope with the situations she faced.

The actress faced many mood swings that ranged from depression to mania. She easily got distracted, could not take the humiliation and failure easily.

Many different reasons can answer the question “Why was Cat crazy in Victorious?” as she has inflated self-esteem, she behaves as a chatter-box, her racing thoughts give the clear ideas of her craziness. Some incidences also give a chance to debate that Cat can be autistic. There can be many other reasons supporting this question and can have dark answers too.

Actor who played the role of Cat:

The character of Cat Valentine was played by Ariana Grande-Butera, an American songwriter, singer, and actress. He has gained popularity increased for her music and she started her musical career at the age of 15. She gained fame for acting by playing the character of Cat Valentine in this Nickelodeon sitcom series Victorious. When this series ‘Victorious’ went off the air in 2013, the actress Ariana starred in the spin-off show of Victorious and iCarly named as the ‘Sam and Cat’. This series did not do as well as ‘Victorious; and was ended after season one in 2014.

Reasons for the ‘Victorious’ being canceled:

The series Victorious was about the story of a rising singer. Many teenage viewers enjoyed watching her journey towards fame along with her friends and how she navigated and shaped her file in Hollywood. The series creator had planned for four seasons of this series but the authorities canceled the series even before the beginning of filming for the fourth season.

Nickelodeon thus decided to divide season three into two parts and bring for their viewers as 2 different seasons. Some viewers considered the reason for canceling the series to be the spin-off show “Sam and Cat” but the creator Dan Schneider dismissed these rumors.

The show ran its due course was the reason provided by the creator for the cancellation of the series season 4.

On pointing this show creator Dan Schneider conveyed as he had nothing to do with that, it was completed upon the network’s decision. He twitted as “This was the network’s decision – not mine. Please understand: Almost all Nickelodeon shows have a life of about 60 episodes. I would love to have made more than 60 of Victorious, but that’s how it usually goes. We’re extremely proud of the show, and all we’ve accomplished.”

“The network’s decision about Victorious had nothing to do with ‘Gibby’ or ‘Sam & Cat’. He added. 

Many viewers like the series Victorious as it gave them the courage and motivates many youngsters to achieve many good things in their life.

Summing it up

Victorious is one of the shows which gave so much courage to young teenagers and adults to dream big and to take initiative to achieve their goals. Many believe, the successful show victorious has to deliver more and take necessary steps to change its dark comedy into peppy tones.