Why Were Chainsaws Invented? For What Purpose It was Invented?

Advanced designs of chainsaws are mainly used for cutting trees. Why were chainsaws invented? In 1780, two Scottish surgeons created the first chainsaw to assist in childbirth. All fetuses had to pass via the birth canal before the cesarean section became the usual practice in childbirth. Babies are easily struck when they are in a breech position that is when they lie the feet first in the womb rather than head-first position and babies are too large. 

The first chainsaw 

Back in the eighteenth century, symphysiotomy was very common and a condition in which babies could not fit via or became stuck in the pelvis, and parts of the cartilage and bone had to be removed to make space. This messy and painful procedure was performed devoid of anesthesia. This procedure also was done by hand with the help of a small knife and saw for bone removal. 

Scottish surgeons invented the chainsaw in the 18th century to make such a complex process easy. However, the origins of chainsaws are not anything like how chainsaws are used in recent years.

The first chainsaw was not like the advanced tree-chopper in terms of size and design. It was like a small kitchen knife with small teeth on a chain and wound by a hand crank. This first saw was helpful a lot to make the childbirth procedure and less time-consuming. It was also continuously used for most of the nineteenth century. 

Chainsaw inventors  

Qualified and committed Scottish doctors John Aitken and James Jeffray invented the scary-looking child birthing tool in the 1780s. These surgeons were inventors of chainsaws. They named their first chainsaw osteotome. 

John Aitken became a licensed surgeon in the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh; He gave the best-in-class medical lectures and also demonstrations to students of the university. He was known for his overall efforts to make optimistic changes in complex surgical procedures in particular devising the chainsaw. 

Dr. Jeffray studied at Glasgow University and Edinburgh University. He was known for the successful process of dissecting the bodies of individuals executed for murder. He held the twin chains of anatomy and botany at the famous Glasgow University from 1790. He became Vice-Rector of this successful university in1800. He was buried on the Glasgow Necropolis’ northern slope. 

The truth behind the viral TikTok video claim about the childbirth origins of chainsaws  

It is true that the first chainsaw was associated with childbirth. Many users of TikTok and other social networking websites in recent years discussed the origins of the chainsaws. They make certain that TikTok makes different types of very interesting discoveries of late. For example, TikTok mainly revealed that fluid secreted from the behinds of beavers to produce artificial vanilla flavoring and the origins of the chainsaws.  

The TikTok video about who invented chainsaws and why were chainsaws invented by the TikTok user hellomynamesjon revealed that chainsaw was first invented to assist in the childbirth process. Scottish doctors James Jeffray and John Aitken developed the prototype in the late 18th century for symphysiotomy that is a surgical process in which the cartilage of the pubic symphysis is successfully divided to widen the pelvis as required when the baby gets trapped and no chance to perform a cesarean section.   

Though the knife was used before the invention of the chainsaw, it took a long time and was painful in all aspects.  

A symphysiotomy includes slicing through both cartilage and ligaments of the pelvic joint to widen it and allow the baby to be delivered devoid of obstruction. This complex medical procedure was usual from 1597. 

However, it became less frequent in the late twentieth century after the risk of maternal death from the cesarean section decreased because of the enhancements in childbirth techniques and hygiene. 

Women who gave birth to their baby in this process were at high risks of pain, infection, bladder injury, and long-term walking difficulty.  

The chainsaw in the early years was manually operated by turning a handle in it and such handle moved the chain’s teeth links around a guiding blade. This process was useful to make the childbirth process easy. 

However, symphysiotomies are not at all performed in our time especially in modern surgery. The childbirth process nowadays is advanced and safe. 

The chainsaw evolution 

You may seek who and why were chainsaws invented for other than medical use. Bernhard Heine was a famed German orthopaedist and intended a good edition of the chainsaw in 1830 intending to be used in surgery. He called such an invention an osteotome. This Greek word meaning is Osteo – bone and Tomi – cut and called the bone cutter. At the beginning of the twentieth century, residents of many counties realized that chainsaws could be used outside of medicines.  


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In 1905, the endless chain saw was the first patented electronic chainsaw and granted to Samuel J Beans from San Francisco. The main plan of Samuel J Beans was to use this chainsaw to fall giant redwoods. In 1926, Andrea Stihl produced and sold the first eclectic chainsaw. Early models of chainsaws were so large and required two men to operate them. 

After the Second World War, chainsaws were gradually enhanced especially in the aluminum and engine design made such machines lighter than previous models. Advanced chainsaws in our time are available in so many sizes ranging from the small electric saw for home and garden use to large lumberjack chainsaws.      

Everyone who knows and makes certain why were chainsaws invented can get an overview about how they can properly invest in and use one of the most suitable chainsaws and be proud about dedicated works and inventions of medical professionals and other experts who invented and enhanced chainsaws so far. 

Summing it up

You can concentrate on everything about the best-in-class nature of the chainsaws as comprehensively as possible. You will get absolute assistance and be encouraged to invest in and use the first-class chainsaw as per your requirements hereafter.