5 Writing Problems College Freshmen Face with Solutions

Heading to college for the first time can be a daunting experience, especially if you are moving away from home too. For students who are moving to a college in another country where the culture or language can be very different, the challenge can be even more immense. One of the main areas of concern for freshmen students is how they will cope with the writing challenges that they will face once they have started their course.

The secret is to be prepared. If you have prepared for some of the challenges that you might face, then they will be less of a surprise and easier to deal with. This article is going to help you deal with common writing problems that you might face as a college freshman.

College Freshmen


This might not be an issue for those students who will be studying in their native tongue, but for those students who will be studying in their second or third language then it the whole experience can become quite daunting and challenging, especially if you are not particularly confident.

The best way to develop confidence when using another language is…to just use it! All the time, or as often as you can, with native speakers of that language.

College can be a great place to do this. You are surrounded by other people who share similar interests as you which means that you can go out, have fun, meet people and practice your language skills all at the same time! Just remember though – the grammar rules of written English are more strict, so make sure that you check through your written work really carefully, or get someone else to do it for you.

If you’re still not confident enough to write an essay in college, you can use the services of an essay writing service to help you. You can read through a custom essay to learn how written English should be like and then, when you’re feeling confident, apply that to your own writing.


In school, you might only have had to write a couple of essays and they were probably quite short. In college, the situation is very different! You will be expected to write long essays on a very regular basis. Sometimes you will also be expected to write short essays but don’t be fooled – sometimes short essays are the hardest essays to write!

You should know at the start of your course what the assessment arrangements will be and how many essays you will be expected to write. If you are not sure, then you have to ask.  A planner, whether digital or paper, is essential in helping you to ensure that you are able to organize yourself so that everything gets done. What Is An Oral Fixation?

Sometimes, even the most organized of people find it difficult to get everything done on time and to the best of their abilities. If you find that you are just too busy then consider using a reputable writing agency to help you get the work done. You will be able to purchase everything from an essay plan to get you started or even a full, custom written essay that is ready for just handing in.


The standard of writing that is expected at college is probably far higher than what has been expected before. It can be really disheartening to find that, despite your best efforts, your grades are much lower than you wanted.

When this happens, it is important to get feedback from the professor to see how your essay writing can be improved. Some colleges also provide essay writing courses which will help you to improve your writing. There is also the option to buy either a prepared or custom written paper from an online writing service. If you opt to purchase essay online from a team of professional academic writers.


At school, students are often given lots of guidance on what to include in their essays. Some are also given suggested structures, so writing the essay becomes more like a “filling in the gaps” exercise. However, college students are often surprised to find that they are given very little support and that the essay titles are so broad that they don’t know what to include and what to leave out.

Rather than trying to fit everything that you know about a topic into a single paper, students need to be very concise. To help you get started, buying a custom essay from an online essay writing service can be really useful in helping you to see how professional writers manage to fit everything into a certain word count.

Structuring an Essay

So, you’re getting used to how much you have to write, the standard and you know what needs to go in the essay but what about the structure? How To Use Sohcahtoa?

To be good, an essay has to flow with a logical argument. This can be really challenging for those who are new to writing academic essays. Whilst there may be support in college to help you with structuring an essay, getting to grips with how it is done can be really time-consuming so think about using an essay writing service to help you. Whilst they generally provide custom written essays, they can also provide a suggested structure so you can still write the essay yourself, but using their structure. This can be a great confidence boost when handing in your work!

For many students, the challenges which surround them when they go to college can feel huge. However, with a little preparation and organization, as well as knowing some great writing services, you’ll find a solution to every challenge that you’re faced with. What Is Vertex Form? Example