8 best film schools in USA

The film industry has grown drastically over the years. Whether it is a documentary, art, or commercial film, a lot of things are involved while making a film. To make it perfect and to deliver the amazing quality to the audience, the film-learning course that includes various programs can prove to be useful for aspiring candidates of film industry. Let us look at the top 8 best film schools in USA.

1.Vanderbilt University

Established in 1873, the Vanderbilt University is a small and private institution that offers various programs related to films. Besides, this university has found its place in the list of top 10 best private universities in the US. It provides freedom to the students to tailor their courses with their educational goals that can benefit them in future.

2.New York University

This university offers wide range of courses to the aspiring students. Besides, the course includes various sessions on acting, directing, scriptwriting, and editing. Moreover, if you have enrolled into MFA program, you are required to create at least 5 movies before the course comes to an end. This provides hands on experience and also offers in depth knowledge.

3.University of Southern California

With its high-end program, state of the art technology and qualified staff, the university of southern California proudly stands at number three position. Besides, this university is known to inculcate leadership and creative qualities in the students during the tenure of the course.

4.Cornell University

This university is considered to be one of the most elite film school in the nation. It houses excellent facilities along with best teaching staff. It is also known for providing quality education, alumni success, and high level research. The Cornell University also allows the students to participate in various film workshops and receive funding for the same.

5.Columbia University

Besides being one of the top ranked universities in the USA, the Columbia University is also one of the quality university for film courses. Students and professional faculty members work hard together to make the film learning program successful. Besides, students are encouraged to explore their creativity during the entire course of program. You can look forward to seek admission for both undergraduate and graduate course.

6.University of Pennsylvania

If you are looking for a high learning course, then this university offers the best programs. This university houses extremely talented teaching staff and offers a friendly environment. Besides, the university is located in the cultural center of Philadelphia.

7.Yale University

This is another top rated university that offers premium course for film learning. The courses emphasize largely on history, criticism, and theory of films. This university offers both graduate and undergraduate course.

8.University of California, Los Angeles

This university offers variety of courses for its students and is also considered to be one of the most renowned universities in the country. It allows students to explore their creative side and also have access to the television and film archive.

These are the top 8 film schools in USA that offer distinctive course for the aspiring students.

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