10 Best gardens in USA

Looking forward to spending some quality time with nature, then check out the 10 best gardens in the USA. Enjoy it with your family, kids, and friends and explore the beautiful landscape and lush green surroundings. Let us look at the 10 best gardens in the USA.

1.Elaborate Victorian Garden

Situated in Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis, this splendid garden offers picturesque landscape. It also houses a marble statue of Juno that is embellished with flowerbeds, ornate pattern of brickwork. Besides, you can spend your day exploring the beautiful species of flowers and plants.

2.Artful Sculpture Garden

This beautiful garden is spread across 35 acres and houses innovative sculptures at every turn, offering a picturesque surrounding. The artful sculpture garden is also a great tourist attraction and interest students studying architect.

3.Serene Japanese Garden

Located at Oregon, the serene Japanese garden is spread across 5.5 acres and features five innovative gardens. It includes the natural garden, tea garden, stone garden, sand garden, and the flat garden. Besides, this garden is beautifully designed with exclusive stone lanterns, bridges, pagodas, and arbors.

4.Magnificent water Garden

This garden houses more than 500 species of plants and flowers. If you wish to enjoy cooling atmosphere than you can visit the magnificent water garden. This forth worth water garden features a magnificent and picturesque waterfall that attracts the visitors.

5.Contemplative Chinese Scholar’s Garden

A walk through this garden provides peace of mind and soul. You can capture pictures of beautiful and eye captivating stonework sculptures that are displayed on the paths and courtyards. This scholar garden is located at the Snug Harbor Cultural center in Staten Island.

6.Painterly Topiary Garden

Get close to the mother earth and get that perfect glimpse of nature by visiting the painterly topiary garden. This magnificent and innovatively designed garden will motivate you and get you more close to the nature.

7.Spectacular Sunken Garden

This garden is a treat to your eyes and is surrounded by beautiful plants and flowers throughout the year. Moreover, the sunken garden hosts a flower show once in five years wherein species of beautiful and rare flowers are displayed.

8.Extravagant Fountain Garden

This can be the best entertaining and relaxing garden for both young and old. This fountain garden features Italian limestone fountains that shoot up 130 feet high in the air, providing a delightful scenario to the onlookers. Moreover, you can visit this garden in the evening to enjoy the musical fountain show.

9.Bewildering Garden Maze

Find your way through this Bewildering maze garden that is located in Luray. It features 1500 dark American arborvitae that are placed carefully and maintained at 8 feet tall and 4 feet wide.

10.Fantasy Railroad Garden

You simply cannot miss visiting the Fantasy railroad garden. You can enjoy the train journey that takes you through the tunnels, mini national parks, bridges, as well as the landmarks such as the White House, Independence Hall, and historic park.

These are the top 10 best gardens that offers picturesque landscape and you simply cannot avoid visiting them.

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