Top 10 Best Places to Visit in USA in Winter

Winter means Christmas and New Year, and of course holidays, which means that it is just the right time to look for ideal winter holiday destinations for the whole family. Your choice will depend on the fact whether you are looking for winter adventure sports or a cultural getaway.

Listed below are the top 10 best places to visit in USA in winter:

1.Yosemite National Park


One of the best places to visit in USA in winter is Yosemite, which gives you a heavenly experience of the natural scenic beauty of Sequoia forests covered with fresh snow. Besides enjoying skiing, you can combat the winter chill with a bonfire and a cup of steaming hot coffee, making it a memorable holiday for your family.

2.Key West

For those in search of warmer climes, Key West is an ideal winter destination in USA, where you can sun out on the beach with delicious food and wonderful drinks. It will be a perfect place to be enjoyed by the whole family- adults and kids.

3.New Orleans

Another popular winter getaway in USA is the party city of New Orleans, where you can enjoy the grand celebrations of the festive season at the Jackson Square. The city is alive with music and dance throughout the year and ideal hot spot for party lovers.

4.New York

Next among the best loved places to travel in USA in winters is the all-seasons favorite, New York. This place offers a wide range of attractions, from a visit to the great Niagara Falls to a shopping spree down the streets of NY and Broadway Shows. You will also love to go to the top of the grand Empire State Building.


Winter is a great time to take your kids on a joy ride to the Walt Disney World in Orlando, which has earned the status of dream holiday destination for people from around the world. The warm winter weather is an added bonus of choosing Orlando as your winter holiday destination.


Featuring next on the list of 10 best places to visit in USA in winter is Mexico, the land of sandy beaches and lush green rainforests. You can have a great time at the marvelous beaches of Mexico or even indulge in some exciting water sports like scuba diving. Mexico gives you an amazing opportunity to get a rare winter sun tan.


Another hot spot where you can make the most of snowy winter glory is the city of Aspen, which offers adventures like skiing and snowboarding. There are classes for beginners which will keep the younger ones engaged and busy for you to enjoy the most.

8.Southwest USA

Winter can be the best time to visit the national parks in the Southwest as these are not at all crowded at this time of the year, making your visits to destinations like Grand Canyon National Park and Death Valley National Park far more enjoyable.


The next name on the list of best places to visit in USA in winter is that of Honolulu, which boasts of wonderful weather at this time of the year, in addition to attractions like Honolulu Zoo, Waikiki Beach and Hawaiian Water Adventure Park.

10.Jackson Hole

Another amazing winter holiday experience is promised at a place called Jackson Hole, where you can enjoy winter adventure sports like ice skating and skiing, making it a favorite place for the whole family. The indoor Children Museum has some great things in store for kids, particularly if you want them warm and busy at the same time.

Visiting any of these places in USA in winter is going to be a memorable experience for your whole family.

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