10 Best Places to visit in USA in Summer

The word summer is synonymous with holiday and it is the time when you can have a great time with your family by visiting your favorite tourist destinations. USA is a country which abounds in summer holiday options, from exotic beaches to cities showcasing national heritage and those with some greatest natural wonders.

Here is a list of top 10 places to visit in USA in summer:


The Windy City is one of the best options among places to visit in USA in summers, as it boasts of lovely weather at this time of the year. You can have a great time at the beach or go on a family picnic in one of the parklands of the city. Other attractions include the Sears Tower, the tallest building in the country and the Lincoln Park Zoo, which is home to nearly 230 species of animals.

2.Mount Rushmore

Another popular summer holiday destination in USA is Mount Rushmore, which is a standing ovation to the great Presidents of the country. Also, you can reach the base of the 60 foot tall sculptures by following the Presidential Trail or witness an entertaining night show at the amphitheater of the monument.

3.San Francisco

San Francisco is another popular place in the country, which offers cool breezy summer weather, with average temperature of 70 degrees. The city offers a bay cruise to Alcatraz, along with a captivating audio tour of The Rock, which is a great attraction for children. You can also walk down the Lombard Street, which is the most crooked street in the world.

4.Cape Cod

Located just an hour away from Boston, Cape Cod is a wonderful place with majestic beaches and tempting seafood. It is an ideal family holiday destination, which offers some amazing attractions for tourists like the 155 year old Highland Lighthouse. You can even have a great time out at a Cape Cod League baseball game.

5.Washington D.C.

Featuring next on the list of top 10 best places to visit in USA in summers is Washington D.C., the national capital city with rich cultural heritage, which has something for all. Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials, US Capitol, International Spy Museum and National Mall are some of the tourist hot spots in the city.


This place is famous for the home of Elvis Presley, which happens to be the second most visited house in the country. A trip to Memphis Rock n Soul museum and the Car Museum will complete your trip to this entertaining place.

7.Grand Canyon

One of the best wonders of nature in the country is the Grand Canyon, which lies in the northwest corner of Arizona. This 277 mile long and 1 mile deep canyon attracts 5 million tourists every year. You can have a beautiful sunset picnic at the Canyon to experience its awe inspiring beauty to the fullest.

8.Santa Fe

Next on the list is the Southwestern city of Santa Fe, which is the epitome of American art and architecture. You can also enjoy activities like hiking, rafting and biking on a cool summer evening here. The places to see in this city include the Palace of Governors (which dates back to 1610) and the Santa Fe Museum.

9.Yellowstone National Park


One of the hot favorite summer destinations in USA is the Yellowstone National Park, which is the home of the famous Old Faithful geyser, besides 300 more of them. The 2.2 million acres park is the oldest national park in the country and dates back to 1872. It is also the home of numerous species of wild animals.

10.Colonial Williamsburg

If you want an insight into the colonial history of the country, then Williamsburg is an ideal place for you to visit in USA this summer. Here, you can see enactors reliving the period of 1770s by dressing and talking like the people of those times. The place is also famous for its historic colonial buildings.

All these laces in USA will make ideal summer destinations for you and your family.

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