Top 10 Tallest Buildings in Canada

Canada is one of the most developed and best countries in the world to live in. the standard of living is high and so are the chances of getting lucrative jobs here. The country abounds in economic and infrastructural progress too, having some of the tallest buildings and skyscrapers in the world.

Listed below are the top 10 tallest buildings in Canada:

1.First Canadian Place

The towering building called the First Canadian Place in the city of Toronto, tops the list of the tallest buildings in Canada. Built in 1976, the magnificent building reaches to a height of 298 m and has a total of 72 floors in it, along with 29 elevators and 934 parking lots. The building is chiefly used for commercial offices.

2.Trump International Hotel and Tower Toronto


Standing proudly at a height of 277 m is the Trump International Hotel and Toronto Tower, to be the second tallest building in Canada. It was constructed in 2012 and has 57 floors, 6 elevators and 226 parking lots. The skyscraper is a hotel as well as residential condominium..

3.Scotia Plaza

Featuring next on the list is another Toronto building called Scotia Plaza, which reaches to a great height of 275 m. Located in the Financial District of Toronto, the construction of this building was completed in 1988. This commercial tower houses many offices in its 68 floors and has 44 elevators and 520 parking places.


The next name on the list is that of the 272 m tall Aura (Residences of College Park) in Downtown Toronto. The building was recently completed in 2014 and has 78 floors above the ground and 6 below it. It is chiefly used as a residential building.

5.TD Canada Trust Tower

TD Canada Trust Tower is another skyscraper in Toronto to be included in the list of top 10 tallest buildings in Canada. Built in 1990, it reaches a height of 261 m and has 53 floors in all. It is located in the Financial District of the city and has commercial offices in it.

6.Commerce Court West

The Commerce Court West is another magnificent high rise building in Toronto, which stands 239 m tall. The building was completed in 1972 and has a total of 57 floors above the ground and 3 below it. The commercial building underwent extensive renovation in 1993.

7.The Bow

Reaching a great height of 237 m, The Bow in Calgary is the next among the most majestic buildings in Canada. The huge skyscraper houses a large number of company offices in its 58 floors and has 49 elevators and 1360 parking places. It was started in 2007 and completed in 2012.

8.ICE II (York Centre)

The next name on the list of top 10 tallest buildings of Canada is that of the skyscraper called ICE II in Toronto. The building was completed in August this year and reaches to a height of 234 m. It has 67 floors above the ground, which are used for residential purposes.

9.Le 1250 Boulevard Rene-Levesque

This amazing commercial building is located in the city of Montreal and stands tall at a height of 226 m, with 47 floors above the ground. The construction of this towering building was completed in 1992.

10.TD Bank Tower

Another Toronto building to make it to the list is the TD Bank Tower, located in the Financial District of the city. The height of the building is nearly 223 m and it has 56 floors above the ground. It was built in 1967 and is used for commercial purposes.

These tall skyscrapers give an idea about how far the country has reached on the path of economic progress.

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