Top 10 Most Amazing Bridges in Canada

Canada is a country well known for its natural and man-made marvels. Where it has been blessed with immense beauty of nature in the form of its picturesque landscape, it also has some beautiful constructions to its credit, including some wonderful bridges.

Listed below are top 10 most amazing bridges in Canada:

1.Capilano Suspension Bridge, Vancouver

The Capilano Suspension Bridge in Vancouver has been undeniably considered as one of the most amazing bridges in Canada. The 140 m long and 70 m high pedestrian bridge spans the Capilano River and is a major tourist attraction of the country. Originally built in 1889 as a plank bridge, it was rebuilt in 1956. The bridge lies in a private park and admission fee is charged for going over it.

2.Confederation Bridge, Pei

The second name on the list of famous Canadian bridges is that of Confederation Bridge, which crosses the Northumberland Strait to connect the Prince Edward Island to the Canadian Mainland at New Brunswick. The 12.9 km long bridge was completed and opened for public in 1997. A toll is charged on the bridge while leaving the island.

3.Pont Champlain Bridge, Brossard

The Pont Champlain Bridge in Montreal is a glorious six lane construction over the St Lawrence River, which is also the busiest bridge in the country with more than 160000 crossings daily. This steel truss cantilever bridge was opened in 1962 and has a total length of 7412 m, including approaches.

4.Hartland Bridge, Hartland

Located in Hartland, New Brunswick, this is the longest covered bridge in the world, measuring a total of 391 m in length. It crosses the Saint John River to connect Hartland with Somerville in New Brunswick. The bridge opened in 1901 and is considered as a national historic site.

5.Pont Victoria, Montreal

Featuring next on the list of 10 most amazing bridges in Canada is the Pont Victoria in Montreal. The original name of the bridge was Victoria Jubilee Bridge and it lies over the St Lawrence River to link the city of Montreal to Saint-Lambert. It became the first bridge to span the river in 1859.

6.Garden City Skyway, St Catharines, Ontario

Garden City Skyway is a 2200 m long bridge situated over St Catharines and Niagra-on-the-Lake and it lies over the Welland Canal. Opened in 1963, this 6 laned bridge is considered as one of the most amazing bridges in the country.

7.Alex Fraser Bridge, Delta

Another famous Canadian bridge is the Alex Fraser Bridge in Delta, which crosses the South Arm Fraser River. The cable stayed bridge has 6 lanes and was opened for public in the year 1986. The bridge is nearly 2525 m long.

8.Burlington Bay Skyway, Burlington

Next on this list is the Burlington Bay Skyway, the 2560 m long arch bridge connecting Hamilton and Burlington in Ontario. The bridge has 8 lanes for vehicular traffic, four in both directions. Originally opened in 1958, the bridge had its second part operational in 1985.

9.Golden Ears Bridge, Langley

The Golden Ears Bridge is a bridge over the Fraser River, which is 976 m long and has 6 lanes for traffic. The bridge was inaugurated in 2009 to replace ferry services, which connected Langley to Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge.

10.Port Mann Bridge, Surrey

A magnificent bridge in Canada is the Port Mann Bridge, the 2020 m long cable stayed bridge which spans the Fraser River. It was opened for public in 2012 and has 10 lanes in all. It is the second longest cable stayed bridge in North America.

All these bridges are the major tourist attractions of the country and must be visited when you have a trip to Canada.

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