10 Amazing Islands not to miss in Canada

Canada is a country which abounds in natural attractions, which is why it entices thousands of tourists every year. It is a place which invites people who want to relax as well those who love adventure because there are options galore in this naturally beautiful and culturally rich country. The country has diverse landforms like mountains, waterfalls, canyons, islands and much more.

Here are 10 amazing islands not to miss in Canada:

1.Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island in British Columbia lies off the West Coast of North America and is one of the largest islands in the continent. Some of the biggest attractions of this amazing island are the city of Victoria, Butchart Gardens and the town of Tofino.

2.Prince Edward Island

Next on the list of 10 amazing Canadian islands you must not miss is Prince Edward Island, the residence of the fictional character of Anne of Green Gables. It is also the smallest province of Canada and is renowned among tourists who come here to have a look at a piece of life of the character of Anne.

3.Toronto Island

Another one among the best islands of Canada is the famous Toronto Island, which is home to a majestic lighthouse dating back to the 18th century. The island is famous for nude sunbathing, amongst other relaxing activities. The island lies close to the city of Toronto.

4.Cape Breton Island

Next on this list is Cape Breton Island, which is located in Nova Scotia and is linked to the man made by a man made rock causeway known as the Canso Causeway. The island houses one of the biggest salt water lakes in the world.

5.Oak Island

Oak Island is another beautiful island in Canada which you must not miss. This island lies on the southern shore of Nova Scotia and has rich historic attractions, with legends about 18th century pirates who used to own the island and bury precious treasures over here.

6.Sable Island

Next on the list of amazing islands not to miss in Canada is the Sable Island, which is situated 180 m south of Nova Scotia. This island is famous for its horses, which literally outnumber the human population here. Here, these animals are given protection by the Canadian government.

7.Bonaventure Island

Bonaventure Island in Quebec comes next on this list. It lies in the Gulf of St Lawrence and has been converted into a bird sanctuary since 1919. The sanctuary is home to more than 293 exotic species of birds and attracts bird watchers from all around the globe.

8.Pictou Island

Another one of the most amazing Canadian islands is the Pictou Island, which is unique in the respect that it has its independent electricity production capacity, which it produces with the help of wind energy and solar power.

9.Georges Island

Next on the list of 10 amazing islands not to miss in Canada is Georges Island, which has a history of being used by the armed forces to provide protection to the city of Nova Scotia. This is the reason why this island has prison camps and underground stations.

10.Greenly Island

Greenly Island in Gulf of St Lawrence is an island famous for being haunted. People are often heard saying that it has ghosts and is hardly meant for faint hearted people.

Some other famous islands in Canada are Entry Island, Harrington Harbor, Lennox Island and Victoria Island. These attract thousands of tourists all year round.


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