Top 10 Strangest Buildings in the World

There used to be a time when shelter was one of the fundamental needs for a human. Times have changed; now it is measured in terms of comfort and lavishness. Sky kissing towers are being made with ultimate perfection. At the same time some of the unorthodox patterns also have been witnessed making the mouth opened. In the line-up below we bring some of those in to picture.

10 Stone House, Portugal

You can’t help but get amazed looking at it’s built. The house has been established between couples of rocks; and leaves you clueless on how it is standing steady. It has been envy making and hence as a precaution bullet proof arrangements have been made.

9 National Centres for the Performing Arts, China

The National Centre for Performing Arts is simply a masterpiece. It is also quite known with the name The Giant Egg. It looks too striking through the flawless arrangement of glass and titanium having a mammoth capacity. The man made lake is also something amazing about the place.

8 Dancing Building, Czech Republic

Living up pretty much with the name, the dancing building is much popular over the globe. It is touted as a symbol of love the way two buildings stand as of hugging each other. The city drags huge number of visitors for this.

7 Cubic Houses | Rotterdam, Netherlands

Cubic house is the physical outcome of the architect Piet Blom. It has been made with the fundamental idea of comfort. Naturally, in a cubic pattern you can always expect additional space. The unique design makes it look like a whole forest.

6 The Niteroi Contemporary Art Museum, Brazil

Creativity is at its best with this attention dragging building. It was established in 1996. It has all arrangements of high-end comfort and facilities. The building stands about sixteen meters tall. It has been gathering applauds from around the globe.

5 Biospheres Environmental Museum, Montreal

Well, the building has been made with a noble concept of healthy environment in mind. The building can be spotted at Parc Jean-Drapeau. Its ecstatic design has been the centre of attraction for the celebrities and TV/film makers.

4 La Pedrera, Spain

La Pedrera is a well known building in Barcelona. The house has been designed by Antoni Gaudi. It has also some romantic angle. Initially it was made for a married couple. The highly trendy building is rich with lavish arrangements.

3 Forest Spiral | Germany

I think this is the most distinguishing residential building in the entire world. It was established fully in 2000. Making it environment friendly, the building has a greenery top. Heinz M.Springmann is the architecture of this beautiful building.

2 The Crooked House, Poland

It has a numero uno structural pattern. Making it super cool the building is lively avatar of the way you witness normally in a cartoon flick. However, it has been established with very sustainable design concepts. It was finally completed in 2003.

1 Habitat 67 | Montreal, Canada

Habitat 67 is considered as something architect ait its best. Anyone visiting Monteral/Canada never forgets to take a glimpse of this stunner. The building really makes you remember the toy cubes favourite for the babies. Mosche Safdie is the architect of it.

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