Top 10 Prettiest Towns in United States

The United States; won’t be wrong to call it as the heaven on earth. All the high-end facilities, all the most powerful people of the globe are found here. In fact, there are many those have a dream to visit the US once in a life time. If you are visiting the US, then it would be a blunder if you don’t step the places given below once. These are considered the prettiest town in whole United States. Take a look!

10 Edgartown, Massachusetts

Edgartown, Massachusetts is the centre of lavishness over the globe. It’s like a community for very rich and popular groups of people. The town is enriched with gigantic shops, terrific architectures, and some of the best facilities for maintaining a heavenly lifestyle.

9 Key West, Florida

There are many addictive aspects associated with the place. Starting from the kid’s dolphin spotting, to breathtaking views of the beaches, there is everything enchanting here in right proportion those force someone to visit again and again here.

8 Newport, Rhode Island

The place exhibits a flawless blend of antique and contemporary Excellencies. In fact, the process of its extra ordinary amenities began by 19th century. Especially, visitors in huge numbers come here during summers, and you should do the same as well.

7 Taos, New Mexico

Taos, New Mexico is there in a mind-blowing location. It is also quite known as a centre for the extremely skilled people. They call it as play field in winter. Extremely rich groups of people find the place most suitable for their holidays.

6 Longview, Washington

If you ever wish to witness exactly how an artificially planned place looks like, then the Longview, Washington is highly recommended. Initially, planned for just fifty thousand people it is considered one of the most premium destinations over the globe.

5 Athens, Georgia

Athens, Georgia is said to be a perfect place for the youths. Here you will find best universities irrespective of your subject, and at the same time the place is perfect for giving a boost to your sportive skills. It’s a must visit place in life time.

4 Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

The tag ‘pretty’ fits perfectly with this cute island blessed with a breathtaking view. Definition wise this belongs to the Puerto Rican capital. However, the place holds a great historic background. It is said to have been developed by seventeenth century.

3 Columbus, Indiana

Columbus, Indiana is that part of the world where you evident human architecture, and monuments. This highly imported part of the United States has all high-end facilities for its residents. Process of making it envy making is said to have been initiated since mid sixties.

2 Tarrytown, New York

Here we come up with the city that holds the most lavish historic background in whole United States. It witnesses the most crucial events of the world. The place is said to be the destination for most powerful personalities in the United States.

1 Fort Benton, Montana

Fort Benton, Montana was established in 1846 that clearly says about its status. A part of it was elected as a National Historic Landmark District in the year 1961. However, the city is said to have been made completely available with all facilities by 1860. All those world’s copious inventions always make their first presence here.

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