Top 10 Best French Castles to Visit

French pronunciation and their Castles, both are pretty fancy. This is a perfect place to book your ticket for, if you are having something additional attraction towards the Castles. All these Castles are too rich with picturesque view and flawless architecture. It is said that you have not seen anything in France, if you have not come across with these stunning places. Anyway, we bring you this nice line-up of some of the most attractive Castles

10 Chateau de Vitre

This is considered as one of the most antique Castles of the nation and in entire world. It was built during 11th century. However, it was renovated, rather would be better to term expanded by 15th century. There is a nice museum these days for you in this Castle.

9 Chateau de Fougeres

Here we come up with another Castle that was made during 11th century as well. A lot change has been introduced to it since inception for this Castle. The most attractive couple of towers you are witnessing today were made after 13th century.

8 Chateau de Foix

Chateau de Foix is considered the most visited Castles in France. It is also pretty popular with the name Centre of the Cathars. People say it has been there since middle ages, however, the recent form was made by 15th century.

7  Chateau de Tarascon

The Castle makes a stunning view being situated by side of the Rhone River. However, credits must be given to its maintenance team for which it is still seems like being too new. The castle was made during 15th century by the Dukes of Anjou.

6 Chateau d’Angers

It’s hard to believe that the Castle was built at an unused zone. The castle makes one of the most    picturesque views being situated in the Lorie Valley. The black stone construction pattern, seventeen watchtowers are said to be something distinguishing about the place.

5 Chateau Gaillard

Chateau Gaillard was built between during 1198. However, it came under a systematic maintenance pattern after six years being taken by Phillip II of France. This is a Castle that has seen many rulers from France and Britain, and has faced many threats of destruction as well.

4  Chateau de Vincennes

Chateau de Vincennes is considered one of the most regal Castles in France. The mammoth structure was finished by seventeenth century situated in Vincennes to the east of city of glamour, Paris. It was initially constructed with an intention of hunting destination. The architecture has been attention dragging for the visitors.

3 Mont Saint-Michel

Mont Saint-Michel is also one of the most antique Castles in France. It represents the one of the most magnificent art works. The castle was built during eighth century. However, the best part about is its location that can save you from the rushing tide.

2 Château du Haut-Koenigsbourg

Despite once being badly fired and destructed by Swedish arms, it is really amazing to see the way it is at present. In fact, it was treated pretty much like a waste land for many years after the above incidents. The place is witnessed by five hundred thousand visitors every year.

1 Chateau de Loches

The castle Chateau de Loches staying at about sixteen hundred feet above from Indre River is a stunning place to visit during holidays. It was completely built by eleventh century and has received a lot of applauds from the visitors.

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