Top 10 Most Haunted places in India

India is the one of the most versatile places in world. There is ample of history, culture, tradition and many more in India. However, one thing still fascinates the country, ghost. Few claim they saw it, few feel them, few are scared of them and few just ignore them by drawing some significance from Science about ghosts. You can believe the or you cannot believe them, but you can’t ignore them. There are places in India which have marked as haunted or scary. There are too many such places, but few are based on interesting stories and few are truly haunted.

Here are the top 10 haunted places of India.

10.Malcha Mahal

Malcha Mahal has a scary history and indeed one of the most haunted places in India. It is situated behind the Buddha Garden in Delhi. The area is generally restricted but whosoever has visited the place have complained about paranormal activities. The palace was given to Begum Wilayat Mahal along with Prince Riaz and Prince Sakina. Begum Wilayat is said to have committed suicide by consuming poison lied dead at the palace unnoticed for 10 days. It said by the time her body was identified her two kids actually slept with her dead body.

9.Shaniwarwarda Fort

This fort in Pune is haunted and has cruel history to it. It is said that a baby prince of 13 years named Narayan was assassinated in the palace. He was chased by his own relatives across the fort before killing him. His cry for help and shout can still be heard at the fort especially at night. Many locals have complained about paranormal activities as well.

8.GP Block

GP Block in Meerut is one of the most haunted places in India. This double storey building is often neglected by people. The abandoned place is said to be haunted by four men. There have been reports of four men sitting around a table and chilling out as friends. A mysterious lady in red dress has also reported no of times from this ruined building.

7.Dumas Beach

Located near to Surat in Gujarat, the beach is said to be haunted dangerous ghosts. Often it has been reported that tourists were warned to go back to their home from this black sand beach. Reports of strangely behaving dogs are also found for this area.

6.D’Souza Chawl

It is a local area in Mumbai. It is said that one woman fell from a place where she was fetching water and died. Her ghosts still wonders the place and paranormal activity can be noticed.

5.Vrindavan Society

One man committed suicide in the Vrindavan Society in Thane, Maharashtra. People in the society still experience strange incidents and claim that the place is haunted by his spirit.

4.Brij Raj Bhavan

The Brij Raj Bhavan in Kota is said to be haunted by a ghost of British Officer. It is said that Major Burton of East India Company was killed by the Indian during 1857 mutiny. His ghosts said to be wondering here and there in the fort. However, locals say that the ghost does not harm anyone. However, if any guard sleeps at night then he might get a slap from the Major.

3.Dow Hills

Dow Hills in West Bengal is a haunted place where strange activities go on. It is said that few people were murdered in that area and their spirit still haunt the place.

2.Khuni Nadi

Khuni Nadi is a place in Vasant Kunj, Delhi. It is said that the dense forest area is haunted by a child who takes everyone into the forest and then kills him or her. The place is strictly prohibited and nobody is generally allowed to go to the place.

1.Bhangarh Fort

This is one of the most famous place in India. The entry in the fort after sunset is not allowed by Archaeological Survey of India. It is said that the palace was built by the Raja Madho Singh but it was abandoned after it was cursed by a magician. The remote village is still abandoned. However, the fort is maintained by the ASI but mostly damaged. It is said nobody has ever returned after visiting Bhangarh Fort at night.

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