‘Young and the Restless’ star, Kristoff St. John Found Dead, Who said what?

Kristoff St.John one of the prime actors in the long run opera shows ‘Young and the Restless’ has found dead. As per the records of the police, he might be dead because of consuming high dosage of alcohol. However, the autopsy report will reveal the exact truth behind the death of John who plays the role of ‘Neil winters’ in the opera show.

Well, everybody will aware of the character ‘Neil Winters’ who plays a character of a struggling alcoholic and ladies’ men in the CBS soap Opera for about 27 years. To be frank, the soap show running for about 3 decades. The young and restless actor dies at the age of 52.

Predicted Reason

Based on the statement given by the closed circles of the actor St. John and his wife mia st. John, the actor seems to be mentally depressed a lot ever since his son Julian St. John committed suicide on 23rd of November 2014.

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Exactly, two weeks before the actor found dead. Kristoff St. John he mourned about his son Julian st john’s loss. This might be a vital reason, which may force the actor to drink and a lot until death. For those who are unaware Julian St John was the son of St. John and his ex-wife mia st john.


St. John’s Career achievements

 The Neil Winter actor born in New York City in 1966, John’s acting career started when he was in childhood. In 1975, he received first ever credit for his television appearance on “That’s My Mama”. After expressing a supreme acting talent in that series, the actor managed his place steadily and seen in many television roles for several years.

He also acted in a few mainstream movies. On 1992, St. John received Daytime Emmy Award for his outstanding performance in a drama series. Followed by that memorable award ceremony, St. John was appointed as the host for CBS Soap Break.

Statement Issued by St. John’s Ex-Wife Mia St. John

She pinpoints her son’s death incident as a terrible and no parent should face such incident of burying own son after death. She added that the incident “Taken a toll on both us”.

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Owing to that, John mentally broken and even treated with mental health care. She strongly believes as their son’s death raised the mental alarm that will be the main reason behind the sudden death of St. John.

The deceased actor currently dating with a model Kseniya Mikhaleva, she expressed his shock after hearing news by expressing the words “How did it happen??? How??? Why did you leave so early???? and left me alone,” on her social media account from Instagram. Along with that, she also revealed the cool pictures of the couple taken a few months ago.

Kristoff St.John

As of the details collected, the death of the television fame star St. John leaves his two children along with his fiancée, Kseniya alone.

Mark Geragos Statement

St. John’s attorney Mark Geragos paid tribute to the actor via his Twitter account. He wrote only a few very men in this world might have the courage, strength, and sensitivity that the Kristoff St. John lived with every single moment of his entire life. He also added that the way Kristoff St. John manages his life would be a true inspiration for many.

Finally, he thanked all the support offered by the fans and friends on behalf of the family of St. John on his tweet.

Eric Braeden On Kristoff St. John’s Death

St. John’s longtime co-star on ‘Young & the Restless’ strongly believes that the Kristoff St.John buckled under his son’s death for the past few years. He added that St. John lived a tragic life of covering the pain of his son’s death for the past 4 years.

Despite pointing the tragedies that St. John faced on his life, he also remembered the happy moments he spent with St. John, especially with St. John Dog, Brando.

Stan Shaw on Kristoff St. John’s Death

Stan Shaw – An American actor who is seen as the co-star in the series “Roots: The Next Generations” has remembered his days when worked with St. John on the sets of Roots. On his tweet, he mentioned that he deeply breaks after hearing the shocking news.

He also mentioned the St.John’s role of a grandson in the miniseries Roots2. He appraised him as a great actor and wonderful kid in the film industry. He mentioned that he spoke to St. John recently and terribly devastated after hearing his death news.